I see you open tonight at the Mark Taper here in my home town in your new play “Nightingale”.
I haven’t read a word of publicity in the newspapers.
Anyway, you never did reverse your decision to cut me out of your life, and that’s o.k. I won’t be visiting you without an invitation, and hence this means of communication.
I want to send you the best of good luck for tonight, because in the end, it’s the work that matters.
Your ex, John

Tucked away on page 4 of today’s L.A. Times entertainment section, Mike Boehm reports that Lynn’s sister Vanessa will be taking over in Lynn’s one woman show, “Nightingale” at the Mark Taper Forum next month.
I was hoping that Lynn’s appearance locally would mean that she would be able to appear in LA Family court, so that we could wrap up some outstanding matters in her lawsuit against me, filed in 1999. After the trial she fled California with our children and took up residence in Connecticut, where she and they have stayed hidden ever since.
Oh well, at least the audience will be treated to a fresh interpretation of the play, which deals with their maternal grandmother Beatrice. And maybe it will sell more tickets. But this news rated a mention on page 1, surely.
Sept. 9 update
Today’s L.A. Times printed a correction. It said, in full,
“”Nightingale”: An article in Tuesday’s Calendar section about an effort to entice new theatergoers with free tickets to more than 50 shows on Oct. 19 said Vanessa Redgrave was the star of “Nightingale” at the Mark Taper Forum. The play features Lynn…
So now I was really confused. To me that says not only will the play be STARRING Vanessa, but it will also be FEATURING Lynn (yeah, in the hierarchy of showbiz billing, there’s a difference…)
I called the box office, and was assured that Vanessa Redgrave will NOT be in it, so I’m passing it on.
Wonder if the LA Times has ever printed a correction of a correction.

April 23, 2006
The mystery of what happened to my family has just been cleared up.

Mr. Maggart, not happy with being Lynn Redgrave’s secret lover for the past 25 years, apparently thinks nothing of helping her get me evicted while hiding behind a video camera, but wishes also to hijack my family, steal my home, and is now outing himself!

Trust actor’s ego to have him open a webpage detailing his exploits surrounded by his adoring family, and now my adoring family.

My patience paid off.  But then, I know actors.

On the left is his goon son Spencer who knocked me down when I tried to retrieve my car (see MY EVICTION PICTURES on the left, and on the couch is my pilot son Benjy, his lawyer wife Niva, and my photographer daughter Annabel.  View image

The difference this makes to me is that I no longer respect my kids or their privacy any more, and further details will be given under My Family and Me to the left.

Inspect his website which I call The Maggot and run the video clip from the failed ABC 1989 series “Chicken Soup”, filming at CBS Studio City, where they could spend lots of time together in adjoining dressingrooms.  View image

I just looked up the definition of the word maggot in Webster’s, where it is defined as a wormlike insect lava, the legless larva of the housefly, often found in decaying matter. Perhaps I should just refer to him as the Rat Bastard.

In my youthful navy days, we knew how to deal with marriage poachers like him.  Suffice to say that none of his kids would be existing today.




March 19, 2006
This rather remarkable interview with my old sister-in-law was by and with journalist Lynn Barber, and appeared in the London Observer last week.
I still follow the lives of my former family, because I was a part of them all for so long, and I can’t stop myself from doing that. Please understand, it keeps me somehow in touch, although truth to tell, I have not heard from any of them (except my children, and then only barely) since they decided to walk away from me in February 1999.
My feelings about all of them then were decidedly ambivalent as were Lynn’s (read Vanessa Redgrave‘s bio), but we coped, and I tried to be helpful, and that part I don’t miss.
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June 3, 2007
Mike Wallace played with Vanessa (and Lynn) in a remarkable interview on CBS Sixty Minutes, this date. He wouldn’t have got it, except for the fact they were both plugging their one person shows. Vanessa certainly stood her ground, an ability in her I have always admired, and Lynn, well, she displayed the younger sister puppy-dog; for her, backwards to the future, I’d say.
Sixty Minutes
1967 Time Cover 1 week before marriage to Lynn

One on one. Live. Advertised as “OPEN MEETING – A CONVERSATION WITH LYNN REDGRAVE”, to be held under the auspices of New York’s Women in Film and Television at The Princeton Club, 15 West 43rd, NYC. on Sept. 22.
The interviewer, Robert Osborne, now the famed columnist for the Hollywood Reporter and host of cable’s Turner Classic Movie channel, I first met on the street as I was returning home to our apartment on West 57th. I guess it was around late 1979.
We lived then, and half of us still do, at New York’s second oldest co-op (after the Dakota), The Osborne, copied and named after Queen Victoria’s summer residence Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
I was then v/p of the building, a closely held residence of so-called artistic types, across from Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tearoom.
Robert grabbed me and begged that I should help him find a place there to purchase and live, and help get him by the Board’s high standards as to who was fit to live there.
I laughed and asked him why the hurry to join the enclave.
He told me with a blush that he would just die to live in a building named after him.
As good a reason as any other, I figured, and so I did indeed help him get in, and he’s still alive there I do believe.
And now he’s going to interview my ex at the Princeton Club’s open forum.
Robert, do me a favor now. Just ask her, as part of the interview, why she feels it necessary to keep my kids from me? It’s been 6 years since I heard from Kelly Clark, and 3 years since Annabel Clark, and over 1 year since Ben Clark. Ask her too why she feels it necessary to keep restraining orders in place to prevent me from even having a conversation with her (hence this website).
This will deepen the interview, and help to illuminate to your audience the anxieties and enormous power wielded in the private lives of celebrities towards mere mortals like me. Just like you reveal the private lives of the actors in the movies you introduce.
Thanks Robert. See you.

I am sorry to see that Lynn’s brother, Corin Redgrave, suffered a heart attack today, even while making yet another political action speech. I’ve always admired the fact that he puts his heart into what comes out of his mouth.
I have no quarrel with Lynn’s family, even though I have heard nothing from any of them since she kicked me out of our Topanga home two days after 9/11, recounted elsewhere. This is the home where Vanessa would visit us, where we entertained Liam Neeson and his wife Natasha Richardson, her daughter, and where their mother Rachel Kempson, who died last year, came to live with us.
Regardless, I send my heartfelt sympathy to Kika Markham, Corin’s long-suffering wife, who still stands by him in this hour of need, and their children. They ask for privacy, and the press will give that to them, one hopes.
A tight family. Which is as it should be.

“Be Careful What You Wish For.”
So goes the old aphorism. It can also lead to stress, Lynn, and I hope you are over it by now.
I heard about your breast cancer. I am sorry I could not be there for you, but I see that Annabel was with you, you got a book out of it, and it is a relief that you have recovered. Onward and upward.
[Picture, copyright of our daughter Annabel Clark]
Meanwhile, Merry Christmas
Happy 62nd. birthday today.
With best wishes from your ex.

September 5, 2006
Tucked away on page 4 of today’s L.A. Times entertainment section, Mike Boehm reports that Vanessa Redgrave will be starring in “Nightingale” at the Mark Taper Forum next month!
How come nobody’s minding the store for you? This sort of confusion should not be happening. And I see that the City of Los Angeles is putting out on its What’s Happening Around Town magazine that “Lynne” is appearing at the Mark Taper next month.
After a few days, I contacted the Times for you, to get a correction put in. Nobody else did!
I sure wish you were still supporting me, because then I would want you to earn as much money as possible, but since I remarried, that stopped. So what motivated me? I still think about you a lot, and dream of the old days in our family home in Topanga. I guess that’s why I still care. You see, 32 years together creates hardened synapses in the brain, but nobody around here would understand that.
The work is what really matters, so I wish you good luck with Nightingale while it’s here in L.A.
– Your “ex”.