Oh good good good. That’s what I like to see.

It’s reported today that authorities are taking a close look at the tactics employed by that lowest of all classes of lawyer, divorce lawyers. These are creatures whose main quality is their total lack of ethics, and their greed for dirty money. I call it dirty money, for it is money that comes with the stain of emotional pain. Let’s look at just one of the methods employed by Mary Nolan, Esq. who plies her trade up in the San Francisco area.Continue Reading Divorce lawyer headed for jail?

Now who is Harry Fain, and why is he interesting to me?

Not because he represented celebrity divorce clients such as Elvis Presley, Cary Grant, Lee Majors, Rod Steiger, OJ’s first wife.

It’s because he, as a result of his effortful promotion, saw No-fault Divorce come about in California on January 1, 1970. Also the