My Daily Mail complaint

It’s been brought to my attention that the Daily Mail published a piece a few days after the death of my ex that purported to be the result of an “exclusive interview” with me.  It ran under the name of Alison Boshoff (whoever she is) on May 8th, to be accessed all over the world.  It was headlined THE LOVE CHILD WHO BROKE LYNN REDGRAVE’S HEART: In the week the actress died, her ex-husband tells of his shame and regret.  As my readers know, I brought a complaint against them to the British Press Complaints Commission. Daily Mail Complaint detail.
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Thank God for blogs, for story straightening in today’s world. The media is used to having the last word, but now things are changed. We bloggers are the new court of last resort providing the new last word, with results that CBS found out to their cost over the Dan Rather thing. As usual, the

None other than Ken Livingstone, the Lord Mayor of London, had this to say about the British Press (or some of them). He was commenting on the death of Princess Diana.
“The real underbelly of British reporting are the scum of the earth. Bad journalism actually takes people’s lives.”
Wonder which papers he was referring

My complaint to the British Press Complaints Commission
is based upon this irresponsible piece of journalism.
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The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday (editor Paul Dacre – “the most dangerous man in Britain?” asks the Guardian) have writers in Hollywood, and distribute a lot of biased gossipy and inaccurate information. And their reporters