Judge Gold revealed. Am I anti-semitic?

August 11, 2006

People have often asked me this question.  They say “Look what the Jews did to you”

Indeed. Judge Arnold Gold put me in jail the day before I had to appear in court to start defending myself in my two cases initiated by Lynn and Nicolette (working together or separately, I never knew). He kicked me out of my house to sell it and pay for the fees of opposing counsel (who filed suit against me in the first place) who were 1. my wife’s killer “divorce designer” attorney Emily Shappell Edelman (Jewish) and 2. Nicolette Hannah’s killer divorce attorney (Jewish), James R. Eliaser, whose evil tactics deprived a small boy of his father, and who, I discovered quite by accident, used to be an employee of the judge’s law firm Pachter & Gold.  These two Jews conspired to conceal the fact that they used to work together, knowing full well that Judge Gold should have automatically recused himself under the rules. When I challenged them in court – wait for it – they both chimed in their answers, that they had quite forgotten about it, and then Judge Gold said that it would hardly make any difference, and I, unbelievably, BELIEVED HIM and didn’t enforce the rule.

So, in its good time, I would find that my opponents would have their wishes granted. Gold evicted me from my home, sold it, gave me just a couple of thousand dollars as my community property share, gave my co-op apartment at The Osborne opposite Carnegie Hall away to my wife, granted full custody of my son to his mother thus causing the loss of his Dad to him, and him to me, and caused the exodus of the entire Clark family, less me, to the East Coast, and the fracture of the Redgrave brand.

And so there I was, from my day one of proper pro se, caught up in a hellish circle of interlinked Jewish characters ritually conspiring in a fore-ordained dance which, in the case of my wife Lynn Redgrave, became a dance of death (which I truly believe.) Listen to the charade, and follow along on the revealed theme.

There was Family Court Supervising Judge Aviva Bobb, who I believe is Jewish, who backed Gold up, kept awarding new fees to Eliaser, and then refused to let me buy my guest house so that I could continue to live in Topanga, keep my dogs, and not store my belongings and not live in a trailer. Here is a reminder of my expectations that celebrity pandering could not happen in Hollywood’s hallowed halls of justice.  We read this

on the wall next to the entrance to the filing office.

An Appeal to the Second Circuit got me a negative review from Justice Miriam Vogel, also Jewish.

Judge Gold, meanwhile, escaped the wrath of his brothers on the Judicial Council by “retiring” right after disposing of me and my case, thus avoiding their oversight and possible disciplinary action. Must have been nervous. For my discovery of the foundation of his  personal character, read about this in the sidebar.

An Appeal to the Supreme Court, after I had written to Chief Justice Ronald George (whose office manager had encouraged me to appeal) who I believe is also Jewish, was turned down.

And the media, which wouldn’t stop, appeared to get more fodder from the site of Hebrew University, where one of their professors made me her target for an absurd made-up story setting out to prove her totally inapposite use of me in a legal paper.  Eliaser advocated for her, her name was Hila Keren, and to this day, I have received no response from her. I hope her students hold her to account.

And then of course, there was Lew Wasserman, the top Jew in Hollywood, from the old House Calls breast feeding case.

Well, my answer to this ALL-IMPORTANT QUESTION is that far from being anti-semitic, I am, perhaps surprisingly, PRO-SEMITIC AND HUGELY ENVIOUS OF THEM. Here’s why:

I have always respected the culture of the Jews, and their education, which certainly exceeds mine. I look up to them, and their low numbers among the world’s population has always astonished me.  Always an outsider, I even believe I have the soul of a Jew. I have made a point of making close friends with Jewish people.  (In fact, more than one of my girlfriends was Jewish.)

I WANT TO BECOME JEWISH, so that I could be completely like them, recognizably the same, but without their religious beliefs, a secular Jew.

I believe that there is the APPEARANCE of networking and mutual backscratching taking place.  Of course, business is all about mutual backscratching, nothing wrong with that, but if I am right, I want to be a part of THAT network.

It is absolutely no coincidence that I believe I could then enter the places where Jewish mingling and socializing take place. Clubs, temples, agents’ offices and so forth, where right now I would be unwelcome and refused entry. Perhaps because I am no longer attached to a celebrity.

It was Adolph Zukor, that originator of things Hollywood, founder of Paramount Pictures, who ages ago gave this deathless advice to newcomers to the Hollywood scene: “Talk British but think Yiddish!” That was right up my tree.

To this end, I have entertained the thought of taking a hint from Careen Johnson, a struggling black bricklayer and funeral parlor assistant who, dying to become successful as an actress, changed her name to Whoopee Goldberg.  She was smart, it got her an Emmy, an Oscar, a Tony and a Grammy. And of course she had the great talent to back it up.

Now me, I could change my name to Clarkstein or Clarkberg, but would it help? Not bloody likely! If I became a Jew aspiring to become successful as an actor or a celebrity, I would surely be advised to change it back to Clark.

Don’t think so?  Look at Emmanuel Goldenberg, Muni Weisenfreund, Julius Garfinkle, David Kaminsky, Bernard Schwartz, Jacob Cohen, Joyce Frankenberg, Aaron Chwatt and Ephraim Goldberg.  They changed their monikers to Edward G. Robinson, Paul Muni, John Garfield, Danny Kaye, Tony Curtis, Rodney Dangerfield, Jane Seymour, Red Buttons and Frank Gehry respectively. And then there was Larry King (interesting choice, but what is wrong with “Larry Zeiger Live”?)

No, I’m afraid that that can only be my fantasy.

But getting back to the law, I did make a point of hiring Jewish lawyers, who always keep their original names perhaps as a badge of office, oh, and a Jewish press agent, thinking that would help.

The first to defend me was Melvin S. Goldsman, and Marci Levine, Esqs. of Freid & Goldsman, their names giving them away.

I fired them when I found that my Mel allowed his Jewish adversary to write a time sensitive stipulation to Nicolette that could have led to the cessation of hostilities, didn’t read it because he was out of the office and there’s no money in ceased hostilities, and told his secretary to tell me to sign it, which I did.  Boy, was I green at the beginning.  Perhaps they were old friends. Perhaps they performed regularly for the Beverly Hills Bar Association.

My next was Steve Mindell, Esq. I fired him because he was about as  aggressive as my little son’s kindergarten teacher.  When I asked him to get Lynn to open a joint bank account with me so that she could pay her share of the upkeep of our joint property during the three years of my lone occupation, he simply told me she wouldn’t agree. When I asked him to get our joint stock portfolo released from the freeze put on it at the height of the dotcom bubble so we could cash out, again, he wouldn’t do it. It would have meant getting a court order, and he wouldn’t go to court for it. Nothing appeared to be happening, other than his endless bills.

So then I hired noted hit man Mike Kelly, Esq., a referral from a Topanga millionaire divorcee lady friend. He’s Irish, (the worst kind, I hear someone shout – but that’s a joke). I disliked him from the start, he was of the “nudge nudge wink wink” variety, veiling the suggestion that he really knew I was trying to get away with something, but he’d-do-his-best-to-save-me. I fired him after stretched out three hundred dollar an hour months when he yelled at me for trying to get Nicolette evicted from her little house by not paying the property taxes, causing it to be sold by the taxing authorities. He hadn’t bothered to read the 1-page notice, which had been sent over to him by Eliaser, whom I’m sure had read it. Of course, it wasn’t for me, it belonged to another John Clark, on a rundown foreclosing property in South Central Los Angeles!

My last lawyer did not appear for me, he was a sort of advisor. His name was Cy Schaffer (also a Jew), to whom I paid $50,000.  In court, Judge Gold said he had made an order that I was not to use funds from a tax refund to pay this lawyer, and he should immediately refund it to me. Schaffer elaborately protested in court. Gold hunted for his order, then said he couldn’t find it, and told him he could keep the money. Of course. Naturally. I never did get a bill, or an account of his hours. I don’t forget that he got me to type up a brief for him, in his apartment. Couldn’t figure out the “Word” software.

So now I was out of lawyers because I got sick of their dishonesty and stopped believing in them.  More importantly, I’d lost six hundred thousand dollars to them, and had no more money. That’s how I came to represent myself in court, and had to learn what it is to be a PRO SE.

Having wised up, my first appearance before Judge Gold was over the unread-by-my-attorney property tax inquiry. There was Eliaser, sputtering to the judge that I was trying to get his client evicted. I showed the court a copy of the receipt to prove I had paid the property taxes, and then the 1-page notice showing it didn’t belong to me. Judge Gold just smiled, and thanked me for being smart enough to catch it. I asked for a money sanction against Eliaser for wasting the court’s time. Not granted. Of course. Naturally.

As for my Jewish press agent, a gentleman named Michael Levine, a self-styled media expert, I hired him to give me advice on handling the media now that I was suing Larry Zeiger -sorry, King. I got no advice at all; he refused to visit me at my house, but I did find that my money, about thirteen thousand dollars, went towards starting his new wannabe Drudge Report, aimed at bringing down the likes of Mel Gibson and Michael Jackson and maybe me and others who APPEAR to be breaking his moral code (chuckle chuckle). Networking again, is my opinion. But unlike Red Buttons, I did get a dinner, several actually. It wasn’t until after I had dropped him that I discovered that he used to be married to King’s current wife by whom he had a child. I think he should have told me about that before I paid him a penny.

So thanks, Arnold Gold, but no thanks. However did you get your robe of office? Must be quite a story, which I tell if you click here, and then scroll down a bit to where it says “Genesis”.

If I ever get as drunk as Mel Gibson, I’m told that I tend to act out my Jewish fantasy while singing the freedom chorus of the Hebrew slaves in their banishment.  My God, the middle one looks like HIM!

But when I sober up, I get to thinking more about what “they” did to me.  Here I am, my possessions lost or stolen, alienated by my kids and my family (I face back East to see them), removed from my house and my wealth by quasi-military enforcers, and exiled from Topanga, my Homeland. Then these words come to me.

As long as deep in the heart,
The soul of a Jew yearns,
. . . . . . . . . .
Our hope is not yet lost.

And Barbra comes to my rescue in song.


To understand where it all began, you have to go back to one Arnold Henry Gold as a young lawyer, married in 1952, graduated from lawschool (Stanford-1953), which his wife Beverly Ann helped to put him through. His emergence much later as a jurist begins with the public record of his divorce after a fifteen year marriage. He filed his Complaint as, interestingly, a pro per, to divorce his wife on October 26, 1967, and to satisfy my curiosity over his character, and why he had acquired the reputation of being the “Saddam Hussein” of Los Angeles family court, I went on down to the Hall of Public Records, and applied a little due diligence. Remember, this was before the days of no fault divorce. What I found out was stunning. Judge Gold’s secret dirty laundry!
There I discovered the information leading me to mistakenly think that if I gave this kind of information to the Appeals Court, on the advice of Chief Justice Ronald George’s office manager, all would be well. Assuming of course that these were among the grounds for a review of Gold’s refusal to recuse himself under Section 170.1(6)(C) of the Code of Civil Procedure, which provides

“A person aware of the facts might reasonably entertain a doubt that the judge would be able to be impartial. Bias or prejudice towards a lawyer in the proceeding may be grounds for disqualification.”

I may be forgiven for concluding that a lawyer would have no trouble securing this result, but a pro per?
I reasoned that my appeal would not have to go though every detail of what in my opinion was a charade of a trial. The Appeal justice in Division One, apparently, did not think that what you are about to read reaches their standards of what we the people expect of our jurists, their morals, their ethics, and in my case whether Gold should have recused himself without my several motions for cause.
And if you want to avail yourself of his services today (wait, you thought when he says he is “retired” it means he is retired? No, it means he left the bench where he felt he was underpaid to freelance), why, you can click on to his bio at the website of Alternative Resolution Centers. Nowhere do I read of his “other” experiences in court, below the bench. Just that he “specializes” in Entertainment, Family Law, and Probate. And he married again, to a paralegal and head of a 501(c)(3) charity which accepts donations, Gloria Victor.
The page numbers I used at bottom right reflect the pagination I had to imprint for my huge 2000 page file I had to put together for the appeals court. Please note too that if you are running Windows, you can left click on the image, then left click again to the left of the screen, (which may be blank or the image may show) and you can then scan around the greatly enlarged document which is a little hard to read otherwise.
Here, then, Arnold Gold’s Complaint for his divorce after fifteen years on the grounds of his wife’s “Extreme Cruelty” no less:
IMPORTANT! Please note that the Executive officer/Clerk of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, name of John Clarke is no relation of mine.

Nearly three years later, after much further litigation and appeals, Beverly had had enough and walked away from her situation with an astonishing stipulation. Here you will read what that was, in the following transcript. As the judge said to her on page 1899 “Is that stipulation acceptable to you?” and she responds “I have no other choice.” What was not revealed was how she was motivated to give up her rights, was she paid, or was she just scared? I have tried to find her and ask her, but she seems to have disappeared.
And so it was that she gave up her right to any future litigation, to future spousal support, and gave up her contempt proceedings against him. She, through her lawyer, waived findings of fact, conclusions of law, right to new trial, right to appeal, and right to move for entry of a new and different judgment. In addition, the family home owned by her was conveyed to the husband and then sold, and Gold got the entitlement to claim the three minor children as deductions on his income tax returns, and she did not (so guess who got custody).
Los Angeles Times, where are you?
One can only speculate that with the effective hiding of his record, he felt he was entitled to not mention his personal louche lifestyle (as confirmed in his personal trial) in his application for a judgeship. His motivation would then be clear. I have been unable to get a copy of that application under the Freedom of Information Act, but I am willing to bet that it does not contain the information that might have prevented his ever being appointed to preside from the bench of any dispute involving families, child custody, and the distribution of other people’s assets (i.e. Family and Probate court).

Here is the demand filed by my ex. and her attorney Emily Edelman, Esq. (Family Law “Specialist”, I believe) that I be evicted, along with my life saving new companion, Miyuki Tsunoda (now my wife), just before 9/11, and my belongings dispersed.
And gladly carried out by the court, no questions asked, and gleefully reported on by the media.
Yes, terrorists lurk in unexpected and surprising places.
OSC p1.jpg
OSC p2.jpg

Interesting to note that Arnold H. Gold, in pro per in 1967, was represented by Weingold & Pachter in 1969, then by Sands, Schaffer, Pachter & Kaplan in 1972, which finally became Pachter, Gold & Schaffer, who employed James Eliaser, who went on to represent Nicolette Hannah in her prosecution of me. Gold came to be my judge and jury, and Gold and Eliaser’s previous association was their secret kept from me at the beginning.
I found out about this by chance, and, unbelievably, waived my objection after I challenged Gold. I figured that they wouldn’t DARE cheat me now, and I believed the system’s promise which I’d read on the wall of the corridor outside, believed that Gold’s supervisors would take care of me and the situation. Click on this. It lies.
mission statement 6-8-04.JPG
Instead, I was put here, L.A’s notorious Twin Towers jail the day before my trial was due to start where I would be defending myself from Lynn’s onslaughts at the instigation of her attorney Emily Edelman, during which night she raided my office knowing I would not be there!
Twin Towers.JPG
This became my biggest BLUNDER of all of my cases. Followed by my second biggest blunder.
Which was that I trusted my wife to deal fairly with me, not knowing that she had a secret up her sleeve. The re-emergence of her lover Brandon Maggart into her life. This actor, father of Fiona Apple and Garett Maggart, disguised and together with his sons, took over the possession of my home and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of my personal property much of which disappeared (see MY EVICTION PICTURES).
As you will discover, that fact too was kept secret from me, and got revealed quite by accident, from an outside source after the event.

March 25, 2006
From here on in, I shall be publishing below, copies of my pleadings, those that go to grounds for disqualifying Judge Gold, and other related matters.
At the top will be the latest, at the bottom the oldest, and check the dates on the documents, not the dates of the posts.
I am doing this as a result of the huge interest this site is now sparking, currently 54 countries, and especially from the mother-country of our judicial system, the UK, and former members of the old empire. Unlike other legal lawyer-authored self-help web sites, which are all high talk and theory, so far as I know this is the only place you will find detailing the problems of the non lawyer in Family Court, the Plight of the Pro Se, trying his best to represent himself against a rich hostile ex-spouse with a secret, and coping with a lack of recognition, validation, and sometimes respect, from the bench.
I believe that pro ses will get a benefit from reading how I prepared my documents, and I will get a benefit from, hopefully, authority figures in the government reading what happened to one of its citizens seeking justice.
Get your pleadings right and it will work? Not necessarily! Not if you have pond lives opposing you, and lazy, maybe biased, judges.

I had just exited prison, and needed to do something about disqualifying Judge Gold BEFORE the start of the trial. Because I knew that the moment the trial started, it would be too late. That’s the law!
My old lawyer friend (yes, there are a couple) had provided me with the document to serve on Gold while I was incarcerated, and the first thing I did was have the sheriff serve him in his courtroom.
Here you will see the description of the Judge’s attempt to frustrate my aim, and how I beat him to it.
Download file
A small victory, but a lost war, unless you believe, as I do, that the fat lady hasn’t yet sung.

April 3, 2001
The California Code of Civil Procedure CCP 170.1(B)(3) states that

“170.1.(a) A judge shall be disqualified if any one or more of the following is true:
(A)(3) The Judge has a financial interest in the subject matter in a proceeding or in a party to the proceeding.”

It shows how I witnessed him advising law students that he would retire to become a judge for hire, and how he hoped to attract showbiz people with his trial experience. Also how he was pandering to the Los Angeles Times’s correspondent Louise Roug who covered the trial for several days for their gossip page.
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