Judge Gold revealed. Am I anti-semitic?

August 11, 2006

People have often asked me this question.  They say “Look what the Jews did to you”

Indeed. Judge Arnold Gold put me in jail the day before I had to appear in court to start defending myself in my two cases initiated by Lynn and Nicolette (working together or separately, I never

To understand where it all began, you have to go back to one Arnold Henry Gold as a young lawyer, married in 1952, graduated from lawschool (Stanford-1953), which his wife Beverly Ann helped to put him through. His emergence much later as a jurist begins with the public record of his divorce after a fifteen

Nearly three years later, after much further litigation and appeals, Beverly had had enough and walked away from her situation with an astonishing stipulation. Here you will read what that was, in the following transcript. As the judge said to her on page 1899 “Is that stipulation acceptable to you?” and she responds “I have

Here is the demand filed by my ex. and her attorney Emily Edelman, Esq. (Family Law “Specialist”, I believe) that I be evicted, along with my life saving new companion, Miyuki Tsunoda (now my wife), just before 9/11, and my belongings dispersed.
And gladly carried out by the court, no questions asked, and gleefully reported

Interesting to note that Arnold H. Gold, in pro per in 1967, was represented by Weingold & Pachter in 1969, then by Sands, Schaffer, Pachter & Kaplan in 1972, which finally became Pachter, Gold & Schaffer, who employed James Eliaser, who went on to represent Nicolette Hannah in her prosecution of me. Gold came to

March 25, 2006
From here on in, I shall be publishing below, copies of my pleadings, those that go to grounds for disqualifying Judge Gold, and other related matters.
At the top will be the latest, at the bottom the oldest, and check the dates on the documents, not the dates of the posts.

I had just exited prison, and needed to do something about disqualifying Judge Gold BEFORE the start of the trial. Because I knew that the moment the trial started, it would be too late. That’s the law!
My old lawyer friend (yes, there are a couple) had provided me with the document to serve on

April 3, 2001
The California Code of Civil Procedure CCP 170.1(B)(3) states that

“170.1.(a) A judge shall be disqualified if any one or more of the following is true:
(A)(3) The Judge has a financial interest in the subject matter in a proceeding or in a party to the proceeding.”

It shows how I witnessed