March 25, 2006
From here on in, I shall be publishing below, copies of my pleadings, those that go to grounds for disqualifying Judge Gold, and other related matters.
At the top will be the latest, at the bottom the oldest, and check the dates on the documents, not the dates of the posts.
I am doing this as a result of the huge interest this site is now sparking, currently 54 countries, and especially from the mother-country of our judicial system, the UK, and former members of the old empire. Unlike other legal lawyer-authored self-help web sites, which are all high talk and theory, so far as I know this is the only place you will find detailing the problems of the non lawyer in Family Court, the Plight of the Pro Se, trying his best to represent himself against a rich hostile ex-spouse with a secret, and coping with a lack of recognition, validation, and sometimes respect, from the bench.
I believe that pro ses will get a benefit from reading how I prepared my documents, and I will get a benefit from, hopefully, authority figures in the government reading what happened to one of its citizens seeking justice.
Get your pleadings right and it will work? Not necessarily! Not if you have pond lives opposing you, and lazy, maybe biased, judges.