March 20, 2010

Dear old Noel.  After a series of health problems, including heart bypass surgery, strokes and cancers, he finally succumbed to prostate cancer today around noon.

He was a quite a character.  From Dorset, England, he emigrated to the States many years ago, and never lost his Dorset accent.

I first met him at Elysium, Topanga Canyon’s much-missed nudist retreat, where he lived in a little cabin by the pool, and where we had many a long chat, mostly about our sailoring days in the British merchant navy. He drew my logo up above, "Showbiz Meets the Law".

His many friends will miss him, his stories, his writing, his sketching talents, and his skewering caricatures.

This says it better than I can.

Noel’s a good friend of mine. I met him many years ago at Topanga’s famous nudist camp where he lived, the much missed Elysium.
He draws caricatures and politically incorrect cartoons for a living, which abruptly came to a halt when he had a stroke last November, followed by a quadruple heart bypass. He’s just getting back in form by retraining his drawing hand, and is as spry and sly as ever.
Being English bred like me, he has a wicked sense of humor, which my expat friends may appreciate. He drew the cartoon at the top which identifies my site, (and my webmaster removed a nipple!).
Actually, my humor tends more towards dark satire. If I had his talent, I wouldn’t be past drawing a few cartoons/caricatures depicting scary looking men/women in suits and funny traditional black hats standing outside Los Angeles Family Court, stuffing their pockets with my greenbacks, but then I’m half Danish.
Noel works for hire, to supplement his pension. I hope my readers will take notice, survey his work, and press his button.
Hire Noel