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This complaint was filed in District Court, Los Angeles,  on September 23, 2004. As it contains useful details of my personal story, I post it here again today. Remember, posting dates are for reasons of hierarchical separation, and not necessarily the dates things actually happened. Hopefully, insights will be gained as to how the

I have frequently been asked by friends and others in this largely free-wheeling buyer-beware jungle of our industry called Showbiz with its circling network of lawyers and contracts and producers and unions and agents and managers and publicists and landlords and traffic courts … to help them.

They say it’s all very well, but you

Me looking dazed after meeting Piers Morgan and Jerry Springer at the Britweek dinner at the Beverly Wilshire

Yes. It is now eight years since I started this site. My readers (I have a few, sustained without the help of advertisers) will have noticed that I am surrounded by eminent law-firms, and that this site is hosted by a very successful entrepeneur under the name of Lexblog. Why am I allowed to continue? They are not, after all, my peers, or at least, I am not one of them. So what am I? Do I serve a purpose, and why am I being allowed to continue?
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April 17, 2012

So a further 30 million dollars is to be slashed from our court system here in California, the largest in the nation? This is on top of the 70 million already taken away this last fiscal year. That’s, get this, $100 MILLION DOLLARS. This means that by the end of June, there will be:

350 fewer employees

56 fewer courtrooms

No court reporters for civil trials unless bought and paid for by the litigants (Appeal? Good luck with that. Shoot the wounded? They may now shoot the living dead)Continue Reading Justice: always delayed, often denied – now it’s…..rationed?

READ THIS. THEY ARE NOT MY WORDS, but the words published by the Court before a swearing-in ceremony downtown at the Superior Court on October 20, 2004.
“The number of individuals appearing in California’s courts without legal representation is reaching critical mass and challenging the most fundamental promise of American government: Equal justice under the

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By this I mean you will need to look very professional in your submissions and pleadings to the courts. They all have their quirks, like “blue backs”, or “exhibit numbers” (the side or the bottom you ask) most of which are mandatory, and damned hard to find at the last minute. So get