Me looking dazed after meeting Piers Morgan and Jerry Springer at the Britweek dinner at the Beverly Wilshire

Yes. It is now eight years since I started this site. My readers (I have a few, sustained without the help of advertisers) will have noticed that I am surrounded by eminent law-firms, and that this site is hosted by a very successful entrepeneur under the name of Lexblog. Why am I allowed to continue? They are not, after all, my peers, or at least, I am not one of them. So what am I? Do I serve a purpose, and why am I being allowed to continue?

I’ve given this some thought. Since I started, there are hundreds of self-help sites for pro pers and pro ses. There are a hundred links covering the subjects which I have attempted to cover, and I am now probably well out of date. There is a certain gentleman lawyer in Florida who runs a rather expensive site giving precise details in how to beat lawyers at their own game. Which, as far as I am concerned, is a cruel joke. If you’re going to be that good, you’ve learned how to be a lawyer in 5 easy steps. 5 years of law-school crammed into a few hours of his audio lectures?

Interestingly, lawyers are cutting each other’s throats even as we speak, and stabbing each other in the back. Look at Legal Zoom, run by the lawyer who got his financing by not returning the non-returnable million dollars he got from wall-of-sound record producer Phil Spector, now a loser sweating out the rest of his life in prison; and his partner, the very smart local lawyer talk show host and news reader, who with his backup fields legal questions from callers on KFI-AM (disclaimed to the hilt), and who is not afraid to slip in promotions for Legal Zoom, as though it were a news item which it isn’t.

Bill Handel and his backup, guests at Pacific Pioneer luncheon.

So what shall I do now? What is it that no one else is doing? Here I am, the hen in the fox-house, the herring among the sharks, cowering (they hope) in terror. I can fold my tent and take off cruising, spending what’s left of my life examining other cultures as though this will improve my view. But I did that on tramp steamers, when I was eighteen years old during my career hiccup called National Service! Now going on 80, I have spent a lifetime in the showbiz, hoped to continue to practice within it, and probably now deserve to rest up watching my growing prostate (ok, with my head up my ass!).

Well I’m not going to do that! Not by a long chalk! What I am going to do is open up my site to the voices of the unrepresented. I will provide a platform for them to speak in their own voices. They can reveal exactly what happened to them in real-life situations in the courtroom. They can tell how they have been deprived of their lives, spouses, homes, and in some cases their children. How the courts, the judges, and the legal profession let them down, and left them poorer in immediate money terms, and later in the quality of their lives. And remember, the attorney-client privilege belongs to the client, not the lawyer. Consequently, all claims of confidentiality will necessarily be waived.

There will be only one rule: That at their first personal appearance on the stand, they were sworn in to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. A declaration to the world, I might add, that is avoided by each and every one of the world’s lawyers.

I’ll be on the list too. I have a long memory, and transcripts, and names and all my files. I have two things for backup. The truth and the First Amendment.

I shall explain what happened to my wife, who went bonkers under the influence of her lover and his thieving sons and took all the money and our children with the help of corrupt lawyers and judges and real estate agents … how she took my New York residence by lying to the court … how she attempted to trash my life and our beautiful house, home, and castle at 21342 Colina Drive, Topanga Canyon, which I lovingly put together over 22 years of what I thought was to be a lifetime of creative bliss … How the address was changed by the realtor, to bring in Building and Safety to check for permits to keep the price down during 9/11 … how this same realtor fixed things so she could sell my guest house at a reduced price to a fellow realtor … show how the residence was stolen from me by my fellow DGA director member Michael Katleman with the help of these opportunists and plunderers … How a curse was spread over the property upon my eviction (it was that, or burn it down) …  And what the true meaning of Karma is, courtesy of my Buddhist Japanese wife. Her motto, which translates from an old Japanese saying is “Plus Minus Zero.” Let these opportunists take note.

So let’s go. The platform is yours (if you qualify).