Starting each day with an activity that becomes almost ritual seems like a good idea. I guess it’s different for different people, ask Bill Clinton, but for me, after the cup of Chai Latte which I make for myself (the heck with Starbucks), I sit down and try to write something for this blawg.

Ideas come from reading the newspapers. An item catches the eye, interests one, or enrages one, so I will often make a comment, and then maybe put it in this space.

Today, I read an interesting article on writing. Whether you are a lawyer, or a writer of fiction/non-fiction or screenplays, it’s was worth a read. Here is the article from the New York Times titled Escaping One’s Own Shadow.

This was my comment:

“My writing started in the trenches of civil family court, submitting Motions to busy, forgetful, dumb, evil, and just plain corrupt lawyer/judges, as a pro se, I might add.

“Realizing they often practice the “toss it” approach to the written word, (as opposed to the spoken word, usually theirs) it became a matter of getting their attention. Then of transmitting information in as lean a way as possible.

“I continue to do this in any form of writing. Except now I go back over it and start to decorate. Liven it up, become descriptive, insert, link, add tropes, reorganize, check for repeated words and phrases (Word makes that easy), dig a little deeper.

“My problem with this article is that it builds a trap. A trap that says there’s a best way, but, it’s not my way. “My way” is the key. I, as a writer, am passing on information that is filtered through my mind and my way of seeing things. And so an individual style emerges. It should remain unsullied. Knowledge is everything, yes, but these days knowledge, used selectively, becomes opinion, and at its worst, opinion becomes propaganda that means well.”