With the just announced death of Fidel Castro, and the confused and confusing responses of world leaders, let’s ignore the politics and the law, and take a moment to consider the humanity. Oh, the humanity! (Where did I hear that before?). This is a true story, worth the telling, crying out for a screenplay and

Post Election Day November 8, 2016:

I had been asked earlier this year what I thought of Donald Trump. That was like being asked what I thought of Adolph Hitler. But rather than going into the gory details, I decided to make a little comedy sketch with my two young talented friends Seth Garben and

As the father of a Delta Airlines captain, I have a travel pass that allows me to travel anywhere on their routes for nearly free. Or does it?

Used to be I could walk up to the counter, and check in. No more. Now I’m told I have to go through my son. Trouble is,

As I approach my eightieth birthday on November 1st (“All Saints Day”, thank you very much), I attended a party given by my oldest friends, Max and Suzy at their studio downtown.

Gee, what a party. I tried to email this clip to my kids, but the size is too big as an attachment. Use

November 4, 2012

I’ve followed the horrors of Hurricane Sandy, and tried to check on the welfare of my 2 kids who live there, pilot Benjy by the Housatonic river in Connecticut, and photographer Annabel near the water in Brooklyn. I’ve noticed the crane hanging over my old apartment building the Osborne, and how West 57th street was evacuated and Carnegie Hall closed. And now another storm is headed there, a Nor’easter, and it’s only early November.Continue Reading Winter Storms on the East Coast

This is a very narrow discussion centering on the accuracy of written biographies of this man, as publicized in Wikipedia, where it’s published that his first appearance in radio was with me. I am claiming that he did not appear in any of the radio series in which I starred as the first BBC William,