Fiona Apple, daughter of Brandon Maggart, was arrested on Wednesday while on a tour bus in Sierra Blanca, Texas, for possession of hashish and marijuana.

The 35-year-old, who was wearing black and white stripes in her mug shot while keeping her eyes shut, spent Wednesday night at the Hudspeth County jail. It was expected that she would be out on bail next day, according to the Sheriff’s office. A Border Patrol drug-sniffing dog allegedly detected the marijuana in her tour bus.

In Texas, marijuana possession in small amounts is a misdemeanor, while hashish – a strong form of cannabis made from the resin of the plant – in any quantity, is a felony.

Apple became famous in 1996 with her debut album, Tidal. She later won a Grammy for the single Criminal.

Her follow up albums include When the Pawn, Extraordinary Machine and The Idler Wheel, which was released this year. Nothing has yet been heard from her publicist.