This is a very narrow discussion centering on the accuracy of written biographies of this man, as publicized in Wikipedia, where it’s published that his first appearance in radio was with me. I am claiming that he did not appear in any of the radio series in which I starred as the first BBC William, and that I am right and they are wrong. They make their arguments to make me look a fool, and I don’t like that. However, since this is not the main thrust of this self-help legal blog, I shall tuck this discussion into a corner, and point to it for the attention of certain evil-doers at Wikipedia.

Here is a scan from the McCann book’s published reference page, showing that 1. his research on TV appearances was incomplete and 2. a claim that his first radio appearance was with me, and 3.  a scan of the Radio Times entry showing that he did appear with me on television in 1946, and also showing that the BBC did print entire cast lists. These editors claim the BBC did not.

Since it behooves me to research the accuracy of Mr. McCann’s entry for JLM’s first radio appearance, I am arranging for a volunteer researcher from the Just William Society to access the BBC’s internal files, not generally available to the public, in Reading. We shall get to the bottom of this. If I am wrong, I will be glad to say so, and make appropriate apologies. But regardless of that, those Wikipedia editors need to learn some manners. Jimbo Wales himself demands that they do under their stated rules attendant to editing, and I don’t see anything happening.

Incidentally, other editors at Wikipedia say that this kind of thing happens all the time, and that they just walk away and move on. That can’t happen with me, because they slagged my reputation, and short of suing, which I have promised not to do, I’m left with no choice but to show them up in this case, since the admins aren’t helping a whole lot.