November 4, 2012

I’ve followed the horrors of Hurricane Sandy, and tried to check on the welfare of my 2 kids who live there, pilot Benjy by the Housatonic river in Connecticut, and photographer Annabel near the water in Brooklyn. I’ve noticed the crane hanging over my old apartment building the Osborne, and how West 57th street was evacuated and Carnegie Hall closed. And now another storm is headed there, a Nor’easter, and it’s only early November.

Yet to come are urgent repairs to electricity lines, to cell phone towers, and the cleaning up of fallen trees. Not to mention the problem of putrifying flood waters which may be leeching into ground water, and clearing up a huge pile of uncollected garbage.

As for conducting the business of show; with cell-phones often dropping calls for lack of power or bandwidth and sometimes the inability to keep them charged, I don’t know how a reliable infrastructure can support essential integrity to the movers and shakers of our industry (agents, publicists, managers, promoters, accountants, investors, bankers, lawyers …) or how they can even function properly. I think it will be weeks before things get back to normal, and there’s much more of a freezing winter to face. Communication is everything to these people.

East Coast ➜ West Coast ➜ East Coast ➜ West Coast — Coast-to-coast recycling used to be quite normal, often almost whimsical. I think that decision has been forced upon them now, and real estate here in Los Angeles is about to take a leap into the sunny skies.

I’m willing to offer my house for such showbusiness people. Here’s the site, and read the conditions under which I’ll sell. It’s instantly available, remodeled, and a good investment to boot. Here’s MY HOUSE. (No realtors, and no “investors”, please!)