Nearly three years later, after much further litigation and appeals, Beverly had had enough and walked away from her situation with an astonishing stipulation. Here you will read what that was, in the following transcript. As the judge said to her on page 1899 “Is that stipulation acceptable to you?” and she responds “I have no other choice.” What was not revealed was how she was motivated to give up her rights, was she paid, or was she just scared? I have tried to find her and ask her, but she seems to have disappeared.
And so it was that she gave up her right to any future litigation, to future spousal support, and gave up her contempt proceedings against him. She, through her lawyer, waived findings of fact, conclusions of law, right to new trial, right to appeal, and right to move for entry of a new and different judgment. In addition, the family home owned by her was conveyed to the husband and then sold, and Gold got the entitlement to claim the three minor children as deductions on his income tax returns, and she did not (so guess who got custody).
Los Angeles Times, where are you?
One can only speculate that with the effective hiding of his record, he felt he was entitled to not mention his personal louche lifestyle (as confirmed in his personal trial) in his application for a judgeship. His motivation would then be clear. I have been unable to get a copy of that application under the Freedom of Information Act, but I am willing to bet that it does not contain the information that might have prevented his ever being appointed to preside from the bench of any dispute involving families, child custody, and the distribution of other people’s assets (i.e. Family and Probate court).