Judge Gold revealed. Am I anti-semitic?

March 27, 2001
The California Code of Civil Procedure CCP 170.1(B)(3) states that

“170.1.(a) A judge shall be disqualified if any one or more of the following is true:
(a)(2) The judge served as a lawyer in the proceeding, or in any other proceeding involving the same issues he or she served as a lawyer for any party in the present proceeding or gave advice to any party in the present proceeeding upon any matter involved in the action or proceeding.”

Several matters are revealed in this filing, not the least being that Judge Gold awarded an attorney who did some work for me backstage, but did not appear for me at trial, $50,000 of my money, despite his prior ruling that he was not to be paid. Gold claimed to have lost that order. Schaeffer never billed me or accounted for hours worked.
In this pleading, you will see how my ex did not supply discovery to me to prepare for the financial aspects of the trial. The judge had put me in jail because he said I was “slow producing discovery.” He did nothing about putting her in jail, (although I certainly was not asking for that to happen).
This also details my ex’s surprise declaration through her attorney that the dates she wanted for trial would only allow her to be present for a short while due to an unrevealed contract to appear in London in a play (it turned out to be Michael Frayn’s “Noises Off”.)
Emily Edelman, Esq. here shows her total lack of ethics, and Judge Gold reveals his by giving advice favorable to Redgrave. Because he’s a judge, it’s called “bias”.
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April 3, 2001
This is about what happened the night I was jailed by Judge Gold, my sixty-eighth birthday.
Lynn entered the premises to remove the elements of our play “Shakespeare For My Father”, and also to invade my office which was not locked, but had “war room” signed on the door.
She needed to have assistance, because even I could not move the heavy crates from the garage.
In her testimony, I asked her who she got that assistance from, and she refused to divulge who it was. She told the judge that she didn’t want to reveal the name or names, as I would be upset. Judge Gold asked her to write the names down on a piece of paper, and he would look at it. He then refused to let me see it when asked.
I didn’t press the question further, I believed it was either Nicolette and her plumber friend, or my hefty son Benjy, who had filed a paper saying that he thought I would enjoy spending a night in prison, being of a curious mind. They were the only people with the gate security code. In hindsight, I know now that it must have been Brandon Maggart and his sons. If I had known then, I would never have consented to her being put in charge of the premises after my eviction. Thousands of dollars worth of my possessions would not have disappeared. For that, I hold the court responsible.
Here I am citing Constitutional rights. Read it.
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August 20, 2001

“CCP §664.6.
If parties to pending litigation stipulate, in a writing signed by the parties outside the presence of the court or orally before the court, for settlement of the case, or part thereof, the court, upon motion, may enter judgment pursuant to the terms of the settlement. If requested by the parties, the court may retain jurisdiction over the parties to enforce the settlement until performance in full of the terms of the settlement.”

I chased Judge Gold down to the Long Beach courthouse where he had been assigned to sit (read My Essay to L.A. Daily Journal), to beg him not to evict me, and to show evidence that Lynn had made a generous offer to me to keep my home, but that her attorney was not following through, and that Lynn was filming in England, and that Judge Gold said he would recall her if necessary, and the case could end here and now. I believe that Lynn made a sincere offer to me, evidenced by her attorney’s email which I provided to the court.
Everything could have been resolved.
I could have stayed in my home, I could have formed a new living working out of my studio on the property, I could have completed ownership of the Entrada cottage in the trust I had started for little Zachary, while sharing custody of him in my house up the road with the swimming pool and tennis court which we both made full use of, and continued his violin and piano lessons in my living room.
Judge Gold ignored me and my Pleading, which was a heart-felt pleading indeed.
He had up his sleeve that I should pay for the attorney costs of the trial and the time of the court, not Lynn the celebrity, and the only easy way to do this was to force me out by standing in my shoes and signing away my beautiful home to get his hands on the escrow, out of which money could be freely taken without even notice or copies to me, according to the law.
And that’s what he did.
Ultimately, I lost my home (just after 9/11), and Zach lost his home, also his father (who by now had a prison record); I lost my New York apartment to Lynn – who doesn’t need it exclusively, she lives in Connecticut with our children, estranged from me because they don’t understand – I lost my wealth, much of my possessions, my history; I lost my friends, my Topanga neighborhood, my reputation. The American dream. Gone.
To read the story of the breakup of his own marriage in 1968 and to compare the details with what he did to me, is striking. Was he perhaps punishing himself?
Read my Brief.
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February 26, 2001
By now I’m in trial over the question of a proper future for young Zachary. But I needed to file a protest over the fact that a certain supervising Judge Horn didn’t give a damn over Judge Gold’s fitness to try my cases. He was brought in to give an “independent” decision. Of course, I didn’t know then that Judge Horn retained his position by the votes of fellow judges.
I read again the lawful code pertaining to Judicial Ethics California Code of Judicial Ethics.  [this link has been  updated].
Now read of my prison experience. And how I wrote the Petition for an immediate stay. The result? You guessed it.
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