April 3, 2001
This is about what happened the night I was jailed by Judge Gold, my sixty-eighth birthday.
Lynn entered the premises to remove the elements of our play “Shakespeare For My Father”, and also to invade my office which was not locked, but had “war room” signed on the door.
She needed to have assistance, because even I could not move the heavy crates from the garage.
In her testimony, I asked her who she got that assistance from, and she refused to divulge who it was. She told the judge that she didn’t want to reveal the name or names, as I would be upset. Judge Gold asked her to write the names down on a piece of paper, and he would look at it. He then refused to let me see it when asked.
I didn’t press the question further, I believed it was either Nicolette and her plumber friend, or my hefty son Benjy, who had filed a paper saying that he thought I would enjoy spending a night in prison, being of a curious mind. They were the only people with the gate security code. In hindsight, I know now that it must have been Brandon Maggart and his sons. If I had known then, I would never have consented to her being put in charge of the premises after my eviction. Thousands of dollars worth of my possessions would not have disappeared. For that, I hold the court responsible.
Here I am citing Constitutional rights. Read it.
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