Interesting to note that Arnold H. Gold, in pro per in 1967, was represented by Weingold & Pachter in 1969, then by Sands, Schaffer, Pachter & Kaplan in 1972, which finally became Pachter, Gold & Schaffer, who employed James Eliaser, who went on to represent Nicolette Hannah in her prosecution of me. Gold came to be my judge and jury, and Gold and Eliaser’s previous association was their secret kept from me at the beginning.
I found out about this by chance, and, unbelievably, waived my objection after I challenged Gold. I figured that they wouldn’t DARE cheat me now, and I believed the system’s promise which I’d read on the wall of the corridor outside, believed that Gold’s supervisors would take care of me and the situation. Click on this. It lies.
mission statement 6-8-04.JPG
Instead, I was put here, L.A’s notorious Twin Towers jail the day before my trial was due to start where I would be defending myself from Lynn’s onslaughts at the instigation of her attorney Emily Edelman, during which night she raided my office knowing I would not be there!
Twin Towers.JPG
This became my biggest BLUNDER of all of my cases. Followed by my second biggest blunder.
Which was that I trusted my wife to deal fairly with me, not knowing that she had a secret up her sleeve. The re-emergence of her lover Brandon Maggart into her life. This actor, father of Fiona Apple and Garett Maggart, disguised and together with his sons, took over the possession of my home and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of my personal property much of which disappeared (see MY EVICTION PICTURES).
As you will discover, that fact too was kept secret from me, and got revealed quite by accident, from an outside source after the event.