To understand where it all began, you have to go back to one Arnold Henry Gold as a young lawyer, married in 1952, graduated from lawschool (Stanford-1953), which his wife Beverly Ann helped to put him through. His emergence much later as a jurist begins with the public record of his divorce after a fifteen year marriage. He filed his Complaint as, interestingly, a pro per, to divorce his wife on October 26, 1967, and to satisfy my curiosity over his character, and why he had acquired the reputation of being the “Saddam Hussein” of Los Angeles family court, I went on down to the Hall of Public Records, and applied a little due diligence. Remember, this was before the days of no fault divorce. What I found out was stunning. Judge Gold’s secret dirty laundry!
There I discovered the information leading me to mistakenly think that if I gave this kind of information to the Appeals Court, on the advice of Chief Justice Ronald George’s office manager, all would be well. Assuming of course that these were among the grounds for a review of Gold’s refusal to recuse himself under Section 170.1(6)(C) of the Code of Civil Procedure, which provides

“A person aware of the facts might reasonably entertain a doubt that the judge would be able to be impartial. Bias or prejudice towards a lawyer in the proceeding may be grounds for disqualification.”

I may be forgiven for concluding that a lawyer would have no trouble securing this result, but a pro per?
I reasoned that my appeal would not have to go though every detail of what in my opinion was a charade of a trial. The Appeal justice in Division One, apparently, did not think that what you are about to read reaches their standards of what we the people expect of our jurists, their morals, their ethics, and in my case whether Gold should have recused himself without my several motions for cause.
And if you want to avail yourself of his services today (wait, you thought when he says he is “retired” it means he is retired? No, it means he left the bench where he felt he was underpaid to freelance), why, you can click on to his bio at the website of Alternative Resolution Centers. Nowhere do I read of his “other” experiences in court, below the bench. Just that he “specializes” in Entertainment, Family Law, and Probate. And he married again, to a paralegal and head of a 501(c)(3) charity which accepts donations, Gloria Victor.
The page numbers I used at bottom right reflect the pagination I had to imprint for my huge 2000 page file I had to put together for the appeals court. Please note too that if you are running Windows, you can left click on the image, then left click again to the left of the screen, (which may be blank or the image may show) and you can then scan around the greatly enlarged document which is a little hard to read otherwise.
Here, then, Arnold Gold’s Complaint for his divorce after fifteen years on the grounds of his wife’s “Extreme Cruelty” no less:
IMPORTANT! Please note that the Executive officer/Clerk of the Superior Court of Los Angeles, name of John Clarke is no relation of mine.