Thank God for blogs, for story straightening in today’s world. The media is used to having the last word, but now things are changed. We bloggers are the new court of last resort providing the new last word, with results that CBS found out to their cost over the Dan Rather thing. As usual, the devil can be found in the details so often suppressed in media reports, depending on their bias. Enter, the Blogger!
Below is an extract from London’s Evening Standard, a tabloid module that fits into the Daily Mail’s sprawling empire, on the occasion of Lynn Redgrave’s (my ex’s) 62nd birthday on March 8th. Seems that my complaint to the UK Press Commission complaining of the Mail’s policy towards me, detailed elsewhere on the left, was dealt with simply enough – they rejected it, with the result you see here.
The writer of this piece of bullshit from Lynn with the approval of The Evening Standard editors, was Mr. (or is it Ms.?) Emine Saner:
“Redgrave’s very public divorce from John Clark, in 2000, shattered her. Clark had had an affair with the couple’s PA, Nicolette, and secretly fathered a son, Zachary, with her. Nicolette, still refusing to divulge the identity of her child’s father, then went on to marry Redgrave’s son, Ben, and Lynn treated Zachary as her grandchild. When Nicolette and Ben broke up two years later, Clark began pursuing her once more. She took out a restraining order on him – at which point the whole mess came out into the open, leaving Lynn Redgrave devastated. To call the divorce acrimonious is something of an understatement. She never speaks to her ex-husband now, and neither do her children. “I tried to but it didn’t work out,” says Annabel. “He’s missed out on this whole chapter.” The Redgraves also have no contact with Zachary, though not through choice. “I wish we could see him,” says Redgrave sadly. “We would love to see Zachary.” Redgrave started to go to church regularly during her treatment, something she hadn’t done since she was a child. “I knew there was a woman minister at the church near where I live and that’s where I go now. I’ve found it fantastically helpful and I think the forgiveness aspect is one of the most helpful things, it includes the times you need to forgive yourself.” And the times you need to forgive others? Her ex-husband? “I have begun to include him in my prayers,” she says. “That took a big step but one day I was able to, so that was good. Anger goes away, that’s always a good thing. The divorce was so long ago, I’ve almost forgotten it.” She flashes a smile at daughter. “Good thing I’m a good liar, isn’t it? I realised I wasn’t getting away with that one…………..”
While I am glad that Lynn has recovered from her cancer, I am not glad that my daughter states that I “missed a whole chapter”, and joins with her siblings in their collective rejection of me.
For the record, I don’t wish to have my name even mentioned in her interviews connected with her book promotion, because of the inferences allowed to hover over my involvement with our past marriage, which is now over, and because I am remarried, and looking for work. But, if she insists on it, then I hope she and my daughter will have the honesty, and integrity, to refresh their memories by re-reading “My letter to the INS-The scam” [left pane] and to provide answers to the following questions which are based on the true facts, which an inquiring press should want to be asking:
– Isn’t it true that you attended the sham wedding of your son with Nicolette and the rest of your family in Las Vegas on July 13, 1994, which was videotaped, and you knew that your son was paid $8,000 to marry her, and that this was not a real marriage?
– Isn’t it true that on June 6, 1995, you and your son Ben and Nicolette Hannah, together went to U.S. Immigration in Los Angeles to be interviewed by government officials for the stated purpose of obtaining a green card for her, and that you knew you were breaking the law?
– Isn’t it true that you have always known that your husband fathered Zachary with your friend Nicolette (who was not your PA then) as a favor to her?
– Isn’t it true that you have always known that Nicolette had boyfriends, such as your friend Al Goldstein, publisher of the porno “Screw Magazine”, who she wanted to marry, and that this figured in your decision about how to handle the green card application through your son?
– Isn’t it true that if your husband had not kept these secrets, you might well have wound up in prison, along with your son, for defrauding the United States Government at a time when Green Card fraud was a public issue?
– Isn’t it true that it was you and Nicolette who later filed lawsuits against your husband, and he had to try and defend himself in court without a lawyer, because you wouldn’t release funds?
– Isn’t it true that it was revealed in court that Nicolette and her plumber boyfriend unsuccessfully sued through their attorney James Eliaser to obtain ownership of that little cottage you owned, where they made their home?
– Isn’t it true that they failed, because the case was heard before a different judge who did not work with Eliaser in the same lawfirm, as did Judge Arnold Gold who employed Eliaser years ago in his firm Pachter, Gold & Schaffer, and who presided over the Zachary matter?
– Isn’t it true that as a celebrity, you expected and got special treatment from Judge Arnold Gold in court through your attorney Emily Edelman, who became your alter ego, and who made all your decisions for you, including having your husband put in prison the day before he started his case about to defend himself?
– Isn’t it true that Judge Gold caused your husband to pay for your and Nicolette’s attorney costs from his share of the community estate?
– Isn’t it true that Judge Gold retired right after these cases, away from the judicial oversight of the California Supreme Court?
– Isn’t it true that, as we see in the topic “MY EVICTION PICTURES”, you personally helped evict your husband with the help of agents from Coldwell Banker along with your longtime lover Brandon Maggart and his sons, a relationship you have maintained since 1977?
– Isn’t it true that, as one result of losing his home, he cannnot now provide a home for visitations with Zachary, whom you claim to love?
– Isn’t it true that you caused the family court to sign away the sale of your mortgage free home just prior to the unprecedented boom in real estate values, and caused your stock market investments to be frozen at the top of the securities market bubble, causing the loss of millions of dollars to you and your family’s community estate and inheritance earmarked as your legacy to be passed on to your children and grandchildren?
– Do you have a hole in your foot, as well as a hole in your head?

– Do you think that these activities of yours have helped your career, or harmed it?
Again, I have created this blogsite for the use of the press, among others.
My challenge to the press is that now you know where to reach me, and now you know where to do your basic research regarding the California court’s liquidation of the Clark/Redgrave family and its assets, why the silence?