Oh good good good. That’s what I like to see.

It’s reported today that authorities are taking a close look at the tactics employed by that lowest of all classes of lawyer, divorce lawyers. These are creatures whose main quality is their total lack of ethics, and their greed for dirty money. I call it dirty money, for it is money that comes with the stain of emotional pain. Let’s look at just one of the methods employed by Mary Nolan, Esq. who plies her trade up in the San Francisco area.

She is answerable to a federal charge that she hired a private investigator to plant listening devices in the cars of her clients’ spouses to get evidence to assist in divorce and child custody cases. Six counts. The P.I., name of Christopher Butler, has admitted that as a sideline, he’d hire beautiful women as decoys to get his male targets drunk, then they’d get them behind the wheel, and call police to report a DUI. Nolan and her staff would listen to the tapes for evidence to be used in court proceedings.

She has also been indicted on tax evasion charges, failing to report $1.8 million of income over a four year period, and avoiding over a half million in taxes. Each of the wire tapping and tax evasion charges carry a maximum prison sentence of five years and $250,000 in fines.

One of the victims has brought a civil suit against his ex wife, the lawyer, the P.I., and the female decoy. To which I say “Way to go!”

Incidentally, come to think of it, I wonder if the lawyers I was forced to pay over a half million dollars to ever declared these fees as income? Seems to me that such payments should be reported to the IRS by the filing of a 1099. Because lawyer fees are not deductible in divorce cases, they don’t show up on the payer’s tax return, so it is tempting for the lawyer to get away with not reporting it.