I am sorry to see that Lynn’s brother, Corin Redgrave, suffered a heart attack today, even while making yet another political action speech. I’ve always admired the fact that he puts his heart into what comes out of his mouth.
I have no quarrel with Lynn’s family, even though I have heard nothing from any of them since she kicked me out of our Topanga home two days after 9/11, recounted elsewhere. This is the home where Vanessa would visit us, where we entertained Liam Neeson and his wife Natasha Richardson, her daughter, and where their mother Rachel Kempson, who died last year, came to live with us.
Regardless, I send my heartfelt sympathy to Kika Markham, Corin’s long-suffering wife, who still stands by him in this hour of need, and their children. They ask for privacy, and the press will give that to them, one hopes.
A tight family. Which is as it should be.