One on one. Live. Advertised as “OPEN MEETING – A CONVERSATION WITH LYNN REDGRAVE”, to be held under the auspices of New York’s Women in Film and Television at The Princeton Club, 15 West 43rd, NYC. on Sept. 22.
The interviewer, Robert Osborne, now the famed columnist for the Hollywood Reporter and host of cable’s Turner Classic Movie channel, I first met on the street as I was returning home to our apartment on West 57th. I guess it was around late 1979.
We lived then, and half of us still do, at New York’s second oldest co-op (after the Dakota), The Osborne, copied and named after Queen Victoria’s summer residence Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.
I was then v/p of the building, a closely held residence of so-called artistic types, across from Carnegie Hall and the Russian Tearoom.
Robert grabbed me and begged that I should help him find a place there to purchase and live, and help get him by the Board’s high standards as to who was fit to live there.
I laughed and asked him why the hurry to join the enclave.
He told me with a blush that he would just die to live in a building named after him.
As good a reason as any other, I figured, and so I did indeed help him get in, and he’s still alive there I do believe.
And now he’s going to interview my ex at the Princeton Club’s open forum.
Robert, do me a favor now. Just ask her, as part of the interview, why she feels it necessary to keep my kids from me? It’s been 6 years since I heard from Kelly Clark, and 3 years since Annabel Clark, and over 1 year since Ben Clark. Ask her too why she feels it necessary to keep restraining orders in place to prevent me from even having a conversation with her (hence this website).
This will deepen the interview, and help to illuminate to your audience the anxieties and enormous power wielded in the private lives of celebrities towards mere mortals like me. Just like you reveal the private lives of the actors in the movies you introduce.
Thanks Robert. See you.