Tucked away on page 4 of today’s L.A. Times entertainment section, Mike Boehm reports that Lynn’s sister Vanessa will be taking over in Lynn’s one woman show, “Nightingale” at the Mark Taper Forum next month.
I was hoping that Lynn’s appearance locally would mean that she would be able to appear in LA Family court, so that we could wrap up some outstanding matters in her lawsuit against me, filed in 1999. After the trial she fled California with our children and took up residence in Connecticut, where she and they have stayed hidden ever since.
Oh well, at least the audience will be treated to a fresh interpretation of the play, which deals with their maternal grandmother Beatrice. And maybe it will sell more tickets. But this news rated a mention on page 1, surely.
Sept. 9 update
Today’s L.A. Times printed a correction. It said, in full,
“”Nightingale”: An article in Tuesday’s Calendar section about an effort to entice new theatergoers with free tickets to more than 50 shows on Oct. 19 said Vanessa Redgrave was the star of “Nightingale” at the Mark Taper Forum. The play features Lynn…
So now I was really confused. To me that says not only will the play be STARRING Vanessa, but it will also be FEATURING Lynn (yeah, in the hierarchy of showbiz billing, there’s a difference…)
I called the box office, and was assured that Vanessa Redgrave will NOT be in it, so I’m passing it on.
Wonder if the LA Times has ever printed a correction of a correction.