March 19, 2006
This rather remarkable interview with my old sister-in-law was by and with journalist Lynn Barber, and appeared in the London Observer last week.
I still follow the lives of my former family, because I was a part of them all for so long, and I can’t stop myself from doing that. Please understand, it keeps me somehow in touch, although truth to tell, I have not heard from any of them (except my children, and then only barely) since they decided to walk away from me in February 1999.
My feelings about all of them then were decidedly ambivalent as were Lynn’s (read Vanessa Redgrave‘s bio), but we coped, and I tried to be helpful, and that part I don’t miss.
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June 3, 2007
Mike Wallace played with Vanessa (and Lynn) in a remarkable interview on CBS Sixty Minutes, this date. He wouldn’t have got it, except for the fact they were both plugging their one person shows. Vanessa certainly stood her ground, an ability in her I have always admired, and Lynn, well, she displayed the younger sister puppy-dog; for her, backwards to the future, I’d say.
Sixty Minutes
1967 Time Cover 1 week before marriage to Lynn