April 23, 2006
The mystery of what happened to my family has just been cleared up.

Mr. Maggart, not happy with being Lynn Redgrave’s secret lover for the past 25 years, apparently thinks nothing of helping her get me evicted while hiding behind a video camera, but wishes also to hijack my family, steal my home, and is now outing himself!

Trust actor’s ego to have him open a webpage detailing his exploits surrounded by his adoring family, and now my adoring family.

My patience paid off.  But then, I know actors.

On the left is his goon son Spencer who knocked me down when I tried to retrieve my car (see MY EVICTION PICTURES on the left, and on the couch is my pilot son Benjy, his lawyer wife Niva, and my photographer daughter Annabel.  View image

The difference this makes to me is that I no longer respect my kids or their privacy any more, and further details will be given under My Family and Me to the left.

Inspect his website which I call The Maggot and run the video clip from the failed ABC 1989 series “Chicken Soup”, filming at CBS Studio City, where they could spend lots of time together in adjoining dressingrooms.  View image

I just looked up the definition of the word maggot in Webster’s, where it is defined as a wormlike insect lava, the legless larva of the housefly, often found in decaying matter. Perhaps I should just refer to him as the Rat Bastard.

In my youthful navy days, we knew how to deal with marriage poachers like him.  Suffice to say that none of his kids would be existing today.