September 5, 2006
Tucked away on page 4 of today’s L.A. Times entertainment section, Mike Boehm reports that Vanessa Redgrave will be starring in “Nightingale” at the Mark Taper Forum next month!
How come nobody’s minding the store for you? This sort of confusion should not be happening. And I see that the City of Los Angeles is putting out on its What’s Happening Around Town magazine that “Lynne” is appearing at the Mark Taper next month.
After a few days, I contacted the Times for you, to get a correction put in. Nobody else did!
I sure wish you were still supporting me, because then I would want you to earn as much money as possible, but since I remarried, that stopped. So what motivated me? I still think about you a lot, and dream of the old days in our family home in Topanga. I guess that’s why I still care. You see, 32 years together creates hardened synapses in the brain, but nobody around here would understand that.
The work is what really matters, so I wish you good luck with Nightingale while it’s here in L.A.
– Your “ex”.