Well it was only a week, but what a week!  Miyuki needed to go there, and I had no intention to follow her. Quite happy thank you, staying home and in a familiar place. Old age gets to you that way.

But I changed my mind.  Surprise!  Facebook seems to be the best way to tell

I gotta look for acting work again. Been a long time since I had to prepare a resume, but here it is:

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I stand back and watch what happens to members of my old family. This time with astonishment.  What happened shouldn’t have happened. SOMEBODY should have been keeping an eye on Natasha. At the age of 45, you don’t decide to learn how to ski. It’s too late for that kind of risk-taking. Her ski

April 22, 2006
Niva is my son’s wife. She’s a lawyer.
When Benjy came to my house, he proudly sent me a clipping from a newspaper with a picture of his daughter sitting on Santa’s knee.
He begged me not to reveal pictures of his kids on this site, so as not to upset Niva.

My son Zachary when I last saw him, age 10. Photo by me
WOW! Today you are 14 years old. Oh my God, is it really 15? Quite the young man.
I bring happy birthday wishes to you from your brothers Jonathan and Benjy, and also from your sisters Kelly and Annabel.
And also I

(This article was updated on Dec. 26, 2005.)
****Jonathan Hawtrey Clark was GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Fade In magazine’s ninth annual Fade In Awards — with his action script “The Binary Man.”
Clark beat out more than 2,000 entrants for the nod geared at getting recognition from the Hollywood film community for tyro

Well, I missed it again this year, so I’ll say it again for myself and for my three sons, two of whom have children of their own.
And my two daughters? Who knows. I have a feeling, at least, that they can’t help but think about me every one of their days.
And I say