(This article was updated on Dec. 26, 2005.)
****Jonathan Hawtrey Clark was GRAND PRIZE WINNER of Fade In magazine’s ninth annual Fade In Awards — with his action script “The Binary Man.”
Clark beat out more than 2,000 entrants for the nod geared at getting recognition from the Hollywood film community for tyro scribes and helmers.****
Yes (his Dad speaking now), I’m so proud of his accomplishment. I hope he’ll make his mark here in Hollywood, and I think he will.
What a nice Christmas gift.
I’m also proud of the accomplishments of my other kids. Benjy is visiting me again, and tells me of his exploits as a pilot for Delta, Kelly called me from England to tell me she is teaching guitar and entertainment singing, and while I have still to hear from Annabel, she is shooting beautiful pictures (see her website Annabel Clark) and also working with her mother in pictures; I see she was an intern in the movie “Kinsey”.