May 7, 2005
Happy Birthday, Benjy, sonny-boy. I have to send my greetings this way, because you don’t tell me where you live.
I took your old friend Ron Jeremy and his g/f to the Magic Castle yesterday evening. He’d just returned from Oxford, England, where he’d been invited to address the Oxford Union Debating

I just came across my photographer daughter’s website. Last I heard from her a few years ago, she was studying photography at the Parsons School of Design in New York, staying at my apartment. Now I see she graduated with a Batchelor of Fine Arts degree, and I didn’t know about her career taking

My firstborn appeared in New York City in 1963. His mother took him up to Toronto, Canada, and I missed his growing up years, referred to elsewhere. But I sneaked him his U.S. passport, and with his very early memories of me and his half brother and sisters, and his grandparents which I forced on

“Be Careful What You Wish For.”
So goes the old aphorism. It can also lead to stress, Lynn, and I hope you are over it by now.
I heard about your breast cancer. I am sorry I could not be there for you, but I see that Annabel was with you, you got a book

You’ve read plenty about this lady elsewhere. She’s the mother of Zachary, whom I got to know and love as my own son.
I first met Nicolette at the house of her sister Adeline and husband John Procter in Palmers Green, devout Jehovah’s Witnesses all, a few days after her mother had dropped dead in

Leonard Charles Clark (Len) was my father. He was born in London, June 27, 1893. Current research reveals he was married to Gladys May 18, 1913, in Bournemouth,on the South Coast of England, and they lived there, and had 2 daughters. Just after marriage, he fought in WW1 as a captain in the Seaforth Highlanders.