My son Zachary when I last saw him, age 10. Photo by me
WOW! Today you are 14 years old. Oh my God, is it really 15? Quite the young man.
I bring happy birthday wishes to you from your brothers Jonathan and Benjy, and also from your sisters Kelly and Annabel.
And also I am sure from your step-mother Lynn Redgrave.
I am so sorry that we have no contact, but one day you will come to know that I have been doing my best to put things right. You asked me for protection a long time ago, and I failed you. I’m so sorry.
Meanwhile, if any of your friends, school chums, computer geeks, other parents or anyone else, reads this and knows young Zach, please give him this telephone number, and ask him to call me.
JOHN CLARK 800/390-5913
I’d love to hear from you. We all would. We don’t know where you are.
I want to tell you about your birthday present this year, which I am holding for you.
Remember how we used to star gaze through my 8 inch Celestron reflector telescope from my lawn? Do you remember the star Arcturus, one of the brightest stars in the sky?
Well, quite near, there used to be a star named “Bootes Right Ascension 14H 36m 23s and Declination 32 degrees 2 minutes”.
No more. On January 3, 2006, that star will officially and forever bear the name Zachary John Clark ! And the name is permanently filed in the International Star Registry’s vault in Switzerland, and recorded in a book being registered at the copyright office of the United States of America.
I shall hold a copy of the certificate and the star map for you until I can give them to you personally. Hopefully, that will be soon. Meanwhile,
Lots of Love from your DAD