The storm in a teacup I inadvertently started has now become a veritable Mt. Etna. I do this for Notable People everywhere, of which I am deemed to be one.

As I’ve said, notable people are discouraged from editing pieces written about them by others. References from published sources are provided by WP contributors, and

I’ve been a contributor for many years now. I guess it started when I needed a means to rehabilitate my name and reputation after the onslaught from the court, the press, my wife, my children, my in-laws, and, ok then, if you insist, the nanny. Doing this enabled me to show that I did have

This is a very narrow discussion centering on the accuracy of written biographies of this man, as publicized in Wikipedia, where it’s published that his first appearance in radio was with me. I am claiming that he did not appear in any of the radio series in which I starred as the first BBC William,