I’m halfway through the book, and just came upon this thoughtful review by Amanda Fortini which goes to the heart of what I am beginning to think too. I can also picture my ex sister-in-law the way I remember her exactly, from this description of her performance.
What interests me is the way the reviewer

I saw “Nightingale” last night.
I was waiting with Miyuki under a tree for some mutual friends who’d been visiting you, and you walked alone with your dog to your car, looked straight at me, and passed on. Well, I guess that means you don’t want to be friends, and it’s your choice, and it

July 30, 2006
Back to showbiz.
Yesterday I spent a long, dizzying and rewarding day of seminars at the Hollywood branch of the Directors Guild, catching up with other members on the sea-change taking place in the moviemaking business. The transformation of film recording and playing to digital recording and playing from experts in this

Now this film brings it all together, in a way that simplifies a pro se’s life inside, and outside, a courtroom. It should be rented and viewed by all who aspire to appear in such a place as part of a lawsuit, and is the most helpful. It’s a comedy, and the

January 18
I sneaked in to see your show “The Importance of Being Earnest” last night at the Ahmanson from the upper balcony.
Normally I would have come backstage to talk with you, but with Emily Thingummy, Esq., your alter ego who thinks nothing of pushing a bogus restraining order against me with automatic approval

January 27
Oh dear.
This is what critic Charles McNulty of the Los Angeles Times had to say about you this morning:

“What really prevents the first act from igniting, however, is the way the cast deals out Wilde’s paradoxes in such a knowing fashion. Forget about character work — before a punch line has

April 18
Opening night in New York (Brooklyn Academy of Music)
Extract from Curtain Up, Internet Theatre Magazine
by Les Gutman

The big names attached to this production may be Lynn Redgrave (who plays Lady Bracknell) and Sir Peter Hall (its director), but its shining star is Ms. Margolyes, the brilliant British character actress who

May 4, 1944
For me, I started my acting career backwards. Famous to begin with far too early, so you might say, as a performer, downhill ever since.
This event for me was not likely to be surpassed for the rest of my life.
It was the Royal Command Performance late on the night of

April 1, 1961
I know that Bea, being a nice person, will forgive me for this, she probably never knew.
It began in the year 1959. I had recently arrived in New York from Toronto, and insisted on renting an apartment right in the middle of the theater district, on 47th Street at the edge