Jonathan was born, another saga of a story, but we decided to give it another go for his sake.
Still trying to get somewhere, and taking classes in just about everything, especially singing, I would go to Diane Courtney’s little studio up on Eighth Avenue and 55th Street, second floor walkup.
This particular session,

I’m cheating here, because I never met the man, known as The Manassa Mauler. But his wife, there was a tale.
About 1963, I was one of a group of actors working for a Martin Snyder who operated a very successful theater travel group out of New York. He would put together large numbers

John Dexter, the late director associated with Britain’s National Theatre, became a friend of ours when Lynn and I first married. He had directed her in Black Comedy on Broadway, and later in the first of the only two movies he directed, The Virgin Soldiers. He was also known to be a somewhat sadistic

Living with Kay and the baby in a tiny walkup on Second Avenue (rent $33.35 month!) was just not working out, and so I had rented a better, and separate, apartment for them in fashionable East 66th Street (rent $56 a month!).
The monthly bills were high, though, and so a night job was

July 6, 1967
Lynn and I were married on April 2, 1967. The ceremony was conducted in Sidney Lumet’s living room on New York’s Lexington Avenue, up in the 90’s somewhere, and photographed for Life Magazine by Michael Crawford who was into photography in those days.
Back to London to live in Lynn’s newly bought

The first acting tip I ever got was “get the thought right, and it will come out right”. This was from a director in my first job. Which actually wasn’t half bad for a raw kid of eleven on BBC radio.
Years later, I had the good fortune to be working with the legendary actor

On IMDb, you can comment on films that strike you with musings, and encourage you to set them down. One such, for me, comments on the actor’s life, and how foreign it is to others.
I had this to say:
“Just saw this on TV. As a lifelong professional actor, and therefore of “the