University of Chicago dinosaur hunter Paul Sereno says he’s discovered a new member of the dinosaur family, a strong-jawed but tiny beast that would have looked something like a “nimble, two-legged porcupine.”

Pegomastax Africanus first lived some 200 million years ago, according to the report, time enough to get domesticated. Came from a site in Africa. He found this fossil in the archives of Harvard University where it had been hiding for a few years. Typical cat behavior.

I’d say he looks like a Neanderthal family pet, before the appearance of the house cat.

If Pegomastax was his name, I’m sure that “Pego, Pego, Pego, time for your milko, come incaves” would be heard echoing through the rocky neighborhood.

I sure hope they remembered to stroke it in the right direction.