I sent the following to the INS in 2001
It explains the true story of what happened. And it clearly shows that that government agency was defrauded, and we know what happens to people who do this, as Martha Stewart has learned to her dismay. I could not reveal these facts to the media, obvously. I had to take the hit. Interestingly, I never heard back from the INS, nor from the FBI. And now the time is here to reveal this truth, as my ex keeps silent on the matter.
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March 12, 2001
Criminal Investigations
Immigration and Naturalization Service
300 N. Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Dear Sirs:
As a result of a conversation I had with one of your agents, I was advised to write to you and say all of what I know to be true about the circumstances surrounding the fraudulent obtaining of a Green Card by a non-resident alien through marriage to my son, by the name of Nicolette Hannah.
I am now ready to speak out, for reasons which will become clear.
I understand that I may be deemed to have cooperated in this fraud, and I hereby ask for immunity from prosecution. I have written this letter without benefit of an attorney, and I realize I could be charged with complicity.
My name is John Clark, I am 68 years of age, British born, and an American citizen since 1965. My Social Security number is xxx-xx-xxxx. I have never been in trouble with the law, and I have enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment industry all my life as a director, a manager, and an actor (see my website, and CV enclosed). I have lived with my family in Los Angeles for the past 20 years.
I was married to the distinguished actress Lynn Redgrave for 32 years, acting as her representative, director and co-writer on our various projects. She obtained a divorce from me on December 22, 2000, as a direct result, I believe, of the actions of this woman Nicolette, which I will detail further on in this letter.
The fraud took place at the adjustment of status interview on June 6, 1995 at the appointed time of 1.30pm in room 8024, 300 N. Los Angeles Street. I was not there, but present were the following people:
INS Criminal investigations
March 12, 2001
Page 2
1. Nicolette Hannah, SS# xxx-xx-xxxx, currently living in Topanga. She was an illegal immigrant from the United Kingdom, whose purpose was to illegally obtain a green card with the cooperation of my family. She obtained the removal of all restrictions on or about May 15, 1997. I do not have the number of her green card, and I have reason to believe she is in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship. I do not have the address where she is living, but I have seen her car, a tan colored Volvo Stationwagon model 240GL, lic. xxxxxxx outside the address of [address given],Topanga. She currently works as a teacher’s aide at Topanga Elementary School in Topanga, where she can be found during school days.
2. Our son Benjamin Clark, SS# xxx-xx-xxxx, currently living at [address given] Los Angeles. He is a pilot for Delta Airlines.
3. Lynn Redgrave, SS# xxx-xx-xxxx, currently living in Los Angeles, (whereabouts unknown, but c/o her lawyer). She is at this time appearing nightly in a play at Long Wharf Theatre, New Haven, Connecticut.
Others I believe to be involved in this fraud are:
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Esq. [address](reason: Processed the case through immigration. Note that he was not aware of the true circumstances behind this application. He obtained a “fast-track” U.S. citizenship for Benjamin so that he could qualify to get her a green card through marriage)
James Eliaser, Esq. and Erin Grey, Esq., 12100 Wilshire Blvd. #1940 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (they are currently hiding the whereabouts of their client, Nicolette Hannah and are fully aware of their client’s address and circumstances. It is my belief that they are aware of this fraud, and continue to be a part of it)
Emily Edelman, Esq. 10866 Wilshire Blvd. #500, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (she is Lynn Redgrave’s attorney, and is hiding the current whereabouts of Lynn Redgrave. It is my belief she is aware of her client’s involvement in this fraud)
The circumstances that led up to the fraud are as follows:
Nicolette Hannah was brought to this country by our other
daughter Kelly (SS# xxx-xx-xxxx) who lives in London, in 1990 traveling as a tourist on a British passport. She later claimed
INS Criminal investigations
March 12, 2001
Page 3
to have lost her passport, so that she overstayed while applying for a new one. Then she stayed longer because she became pregnant by a person unknown. Nicolette was a Jehovah’s Witness who had been dis-fellowshipped by her religion. The idea was that she would return to London with her baby. The baby was born at Santa Monica Hospital on January 3, 1991. She named him Zachary, and he and his mother stayed at our house for a while.
Unfortunately, as the baby got older, we all fell in love with him and Zachary became part of our family, and the plan for her to return to London fell apart. My wife wanted Nicolette to work for her as an assistant and nanny to our youngest child and to assist me in running the office. This she did for a number of years.
I gladly took it upon myself to be the surrogate father to Zachary. As he began to talk, I was called “Pappa”. We grew to love him as though he were our grandchild, and put money in trust for him. While he and his mother lived elsewhere, the boy was with us most of the time.
Soon thereafter, Nicolette took up with noted New York pornographer Al Goldstein, the publisher of “Screw Magazine”. My wife and I became concerned at this, because of the implied threat to the future of the child. The stated objective of Nicolette at that time was that she wanted to obtain a green card through marriage to Al Goldstein. She and Al Goldstein had a lengthy sexual relationship, and he invited her and Zachary to move in with him to an apartment he rented in Hollywood. I enclose a letter he wrote to my wife recently describing this.
As a result of this development, my wife, me and son Benjamin consented that she could marry our son in order to obtain her green card. Ben was to be paid $8,000 by Nicolette. The marriage took place at Las Vegas on Wednesday July 13, 1994 in the presence of me and my wife, and also our daughter Annabel (SS# xxx-xx-xxxx), then 14 years old, and Zachary, then 3 years old. I made a videotape of this marriage ceremony, and also of their fee payment at the registry office in Las Vegas on that date which is seen in the video. Unfortunately all of the records pertaining to the marriage and the green card were taken from me, and I believe they are in the possession of Benjamin and Nicolette. To my certain knowledge, Nicolette and Ben never lived together as man and wife at any time, and the union was not consummated.
My wife went with Ben and Nicolette to the interview at the INS for the purpose of impressing the officials in her celebrity capacity to hopefully not be too thorough with the interview as
INS Criminal investigations
March 12, 2001
Page 4
they were not well prepared for it. She later told me that it was a slam dunk successful walk-through.
My motivation in revealing this information is that Nicolette is the direct cause of my divorce, because she filed a paternity suit against me alleging that I was the father of Zachary, a fact which I dispute. The National Enquirer picked up the story and ran it, and as a result for the last 2 years I have been ostracized and attacked in court by my ex-wife Lynn Redgrave and her attorneys and by Nicolette and her attorneys, and by the national Press (People Magazine, The London Times, etc.)
Nicolette’s lawyers have extracted large amounts of money from me on behalf of their client, and are racking up huge bills which they will be expecting me to pay eventually for their time. This case is in trial and I am representing myself, as I have no money for lawyers any more. Her attorneys obtained an order from Judge Arnold Gold to have me house Nicolette and her current boyfriend in a little cottage that I own down the street from my house. This boyfriend, who I believe to be still married, is a Topanga plumber from Mexico named Ernesto Hernandez (DOB 9/20/60), a self-confessed ex gang-member and drug dealer who has threatened me. I enclose a transcript of his threats to me, which was read into the court record by Judge Gold. I have a restraining order against him, and fear for my life because of him. I also believe he poses a threat to the safety and welfare of Zachary who is now ten years old.
Now Judge Gold has ordered me to make repairs to this cottage, because a California Oak tree fell on it over a year ago, rendering it uninhabitable. There is an outstanding order for me to immediately pay Nicolette almost $30,000 to repair it, and her attorney obtained an order preventing me from going within 50 feet of the structure. I am not even allowed to inspect the work!! Eliaser also took all of my IRA money on a collection judgment!
Judge Gold has already jailed me for contempt, and will probably do so again, for I cannot allow these people to live down the road from me, there will probably be violence.
I have kept my silence on this subject for the last 2 years for the sake of everybody’s reputation, but I have not been contacted by any of my family during that time, and have become an outcast. Even little Zachary, who was a part of our lives for 8 years, is kept from me. I wish to now clear the air with the truth.
INS Criminal investigations
March 12, 2001
Page 5
I will be filing a copy of this letter as judicial notice to the court in both of these cases (the “paternity” case is LASC Case No. BF 013 155, Nicolette Hannah v. Clark; the “divorce” case is LASC Case No. BD 296 320, Lynn Redgrave Clark v. Clark)
I offer this information freely, and bring these charges against Nicolette in the hope they will be investigated without delay so that the truth can come out, let the chips fall where they may. I have suffered for too long, and life is short. I believe that Nicolette Hannah should be stripped of her Green Card status, and deported back to the United Kingdom according to law. I believe that Lynn Redgrave and Benjamin Clark and even Nicolette Hannah will swear, under oath, that the circumstances and details of this fraud as I have described them are true.
I swear, under penalty of perjury according to the laws of the United States and California, that what I have divulged is the truth.
Yours very truly,
[signed] John Clark
cc: FBI, Los Angeles Field Office
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