Lynn opens officially next week in an Off-Broadway play called Grace, which is in previews at the Lucille Lortel Theatre on Christopher Street.  Here the production company gives a brief You-tubed preview.   Wish I could see it.  But an adventuresome female New York theatre-going blogger (age 41) has already given her advance opinion, before the pros get their hands on it.  Bless the Bloggers.  She liked it, and certainly, for me, it sounds most interesting.  Here it is, and I hope this is helpful:

Melz’ Adventures in Living

I thanked the blogger for her description of the play "GRACE".  I commented on her review and she published it on her site.

Unfortunately, my comments caused a fan of Lynn (or a handler, or one of the family) to barrage me with libellous statements, and the thread was deleted. Hence this entry.

I said that I couldn’t afford to get out of Hollywood to have a look-see, but I read it carefully, and could easily imagine it. I thanked her for giving me this unique opportunity to reveal why I think Lynn took the part instead of seeking a lucrative movie or television deal. I said that I thought that personal catharsis was probably the reason.   "Doctor Theatre" as she liked to say when together we did Shakespeare For My Father on Broadway, a performance that helped her put closure on her relationship with her father (and got her a Tony nomination at the same time). Linking my comments to the wording in her review, I said 

"Remember, I speak from 32 years of marriage whilst also raising our family.

– She was always the strong but subtle matriarch and focus of my family, and she’s internationally recognized.

– As her husband, I was always "ever so patient and lovingly supportive without being a complete doormat."

– The part of Ruth is actually Niva, our son Benjy’s wife (not girlfriend) who happens to be a lawyer too, and is smart and independent.

– Benjy is just one of our 3 children, all of them conflated into the wall she worships at. In his case however, he convinced her to secretly move, from Hollywood to Connecticut. He’s now a Captain for Delta, flying domestic on the East Coast. For Christian theology, substitute flying, a similar obsession. Her struggle towards him is compared and contrasted with her anger and love towards Tony (me).

Or, perhaps Tom is an admixture of son Benjy with daughter Kelly, who now lives in England next to a village in Suffolk called Redgrave. Kelly became religiously bent on becoming a Buddhist nun, to the extent of changing her name to Pema. Perhaps Lynn wars with Pema, I don’t know. Lynn hasn’t contacted me for 7 years, except through her lawyer. I do know she has found her God through entering the United Church of Christ in Kent, where she now lives. I do hear from Pema.

Yes indeed, Lynn’s life was about "strong, intelligent and stubborn characters, multi family members thrown into an intellectual sparring match over god, theology, love, life, resentment, faith, and forgiveness."

I’m sure Lynn will be giving a great performance, and I hope the director understands how she works. I wish her nothing but well."