Ms. Ferguson, sorry, HRH Sarah Ferguson, sorry, Ms. Ferguson, took over from Lynn as the highly paid spokesperson for the product, after she had an introduction to the CEO of Heinz Foods, Irish kingpin Tony O’Reilly. He must have been seducted.

I wish I’d been a fly on the wall, better, a journalist for the News of the World, at that confab. It might have been very very interesting.

Here’s one of Lynn’s Weight Watcher commercials.  Here’s another. Now THAT’S a classic!

Oh well, we did a book, THIS IS LIVING, right after.  And from that book, Lynn forged her first autobiographical story which we put on the stage, SHAKESPEARE FOR MY FATHER, and a new life as a playwright and solo performer was born.

So you see how the lemons to lemonade principle is applied.