American Institute of Philanthropy
Why does this belong here? Well, because part of every star’s public face, both up-and-coming and established, is the pressure that maybe he or she should get involved with a charity of some sort. The publicist would surely expect the client to do this, if only as a “career image helper”. But caution is advised.
I think about 35 bucks will get you a membership to this organization, and there you can learn a lot about charities, which ones have followed through, and which seem to be merely a front for the staff to take most or all of the donor money. You will be surprised.
It’s interesting to note that few, almost no, stars really get to stay involved with their charities. The ones who do, and who make sure that all or nearly all of the money goes where it’s supposed to go, are the performers who find themselves stricken by the disease they are promoting. Perhaps their performing careers are over or nearly over. Obvious ones coming to mind are Christopher Reeve, and Michael J. Fox. I would hope to see Lynn Redgrave getting behind the drive to raise funds for Breast Cancer, but of course I also hope that she will continue to work in her career.