It’s been "time out" for me for a while, I’m afraid.  After my heart attack almost a year ago, I’ve been medicated and exercised and dieted and monitored within an inch of my life, and then unexpectedly went into atrial fibrillation, fortunately while I was under observation at the hospital.

A short trip to the ER, a few days to settle down while blood clotting problems were dealt with, and then a pacemaker was installed, on this date, December 13. Another tentative Christmas to look forward to.

I feel better now.  A twice daily cocktail of strange looking pills, daily walks, and the knowledge that the blood flowing in my veins has been watered down with Cumadin. aka Warfarin, which in case you didn’t know, is used to kill rats. No comment.  Please!

I wish they’d installed a GPS along with the pace-maker. Then I’d feel comforted, knowing I’d never get lost. And maybe, come to think of it, an iPhone.  . . All kinds of junk would fit in there.