O.K., so lawyers hate me. Now perhaps some doctors will hate me too, because I am going to recommend things connected to your health, yes major things, where I believe a patient may do better than just asking your regular M.D. for advice.
First off, I have had 4 hernia operations. The first was in New York in the early sixties, and I was startled to find that there seemed to be no settled method to surgically fix these things. Some do it in the office with a local anesthetic, some put you in the hospital, and they all sound very sincere and expert in their opinions. I auditioned for a doctor then, and wound up with a Dr. Lazarus (!), and he put me a hospital room next to the old Madison Square Gardens, the same room where Rudolph Valentino died. He did his thing, and, well, I didn’t die, but the operation failed.
Next, the other side popped when I was living in Dublin, Ireland. I had that fixed by Dublin’s top surgeon. That failed too.
It seemed to me that hernias were problems for a specialist, and the trouble is many doctors fancy they have the ability to make the effort and a quick buck at the same time. Then I found a place where the surgeons do nothing else all day, up in Canada.
Both of these hernia operations were repaired for (so far) ever, guaranteed not to fail again or a free re-do, and I’m more than happy to give them a plug here. The Shouldice has you up and walking immediately, and normally out of there within three days. But let them speak for themselves.
There, that’s all they do, and have done since the second world war, which started them off. You will find that their price, plus the cost of airfare (it’s just outside Toronto) will beat any hernia price down here in the States.
Now this is worth considering. If you have some pending expensive elective surgery, and especially if you have no insurance like me (other than Medicare), think about a location trip to Bangkok, and an appointment with the folks at Bumrungrad Hospital.
No, haven’t done this yet, but it could be next on my agenda. And I hear their cost is about one eighth what it is here in the U.S. of A.
Check out their website:
Bumrungrad Hospital