The judge turned me down in Federal District Court here in Los Angeles, and I have decided to follow up with an appeal.
I feel I owe it to my readers in keeping with my mission, which is to provide some kind of map based upon personal empirical experience traversing America’s legal system.
I also think I have a chance of getting my case before a jury, which is where it belonged in the first place, before the judge sided with Larry King’s attorneys and struck my case after waiting a good seven months after his promised quick ruling last year.
Already, I am impressed with the Ninth Circuit’s attention paid to Pro Pers (or Pro Ses), those of us who dispense with an attorney for whatever reason, and approach the justice system “in one’s own person.”
There are clearly stated rules to follow, and they even provide a 25 minute video detailing clear instructions. Cost $15. Sure beats California’s State system.
So follow on, for more legal enlightenment.
And it’s back to basics once again for me.