Congratulations to Larry King
Dear Larry,
Re. Gary Condit vs. Dominick Dunne. Lawsuit for Defamation.
I watched your show last night, Larry, and I was pleasantly surprised to see you were fair in giving everybody concerned with this yet-to-be-heard suit a chance for a prior public hearing. Your researchers must have taken a lot of trouble, and all points of view were represented. I especially liked your showing of the video’d depositions of both parties.
And I was jealous of the fact that Condit’s children, Cadee and Chad, were there to speak with you in defense of their father. I wish my Benjy and Kelly and Annabel could be more like them!
And it’s great to see you print a quotable transcript of your show so quickly too.
I will examine this one, and will next come up with a proposal for a similar show that will deal with my defamation suit against you.
With best wishes, John Clark
PS. My sympathies over the resignation of your Eason Jordan, CNN’s Chief News Executive, keeper of “All the News You Can Trust”. It’s really rotten to be misquoted and have a shadow appear over one’s character.
UPDATE: March 15. It is today reported that the suit was settled between Gary Condit and Mr. Dunne, writer for Vanity Fair, who apologized to Mr. Condit, and paid him an undisclosed amount (why are these amounts always “undisclosed”?), as it was also, back in December, with American Media, publishers of The Star, Globe and National Inquirer.
Oh well, for his opponents it was just the cost of doing business. For Condit, it was just the cost of his work, his career, his political life, and the peace of mind of his family. I wish him well, even if the media has probably conditioned the public’s perception of Condit perpetually in stone. I hope his attorney remembered to structure the settlement as a tax free payment.