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Appellate judges in the United States occasionally hear criminal cases at the District Court level when they have free time on their calendar, and by chance Chief Justice of the Ninth Circuit Alex Kozinski was randomly given United States vs. Ira Isaacs, a pornography case which will be based on Miller vs. California  (1973), which

I have witnessed many cases of court ordered assessments of children by means of a 730 evaluation by a court appointed clinical psychologist.
There are cases, too, where an MMPI-2 personality test is brought in as proof that a father, or mother, is a fitting person to have un-monitored association with a child, their own,

My desolate friend Idelle, another pro per/pro se, has sent out an SOS to her many supporters, of whom I certainly am one. If you live in the Los Angeles area, come on down on Friday (don’t expect media attention though, they’re very uninterested in this burning situation).
Her story in Family Court, much longer