Fox News is doing something helpful. They’ve discovered that there’s money to be made in the field of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING – like Duh!

The media is struggling these days to find and keep viewers, or readers if they happen to be in the print business.

We, the customers, are above all CONSUMERS, every single one of us. And as consumers, we are answerable to the hands of authority, whether it be at the enforcer level (Police, traffic tickets, City, County, Building and Safety, IRS) or the Law Court level (Small Claims, Municipal, Superior, COA, Supreme).

This is where television comes in. If there’s a kink anywhere in the setup, that’s where the spotlight should be shining. And people WILL watch, and Fox WILL be paid!

Today let’s shine a light on the case of Damon, a young boy of a whistleblower, here in Southern California who’s claiming that his father has always abused him, and when he went to family court they wouldn’t hear from him, took him away from his mother, and put him with his father. Who continued to abuse him. He ran away, hid, and is now sixteen. The court would love it if he’d get his emancipation going, and then he’d be on his own, and the court could breathe a sigh of relief, dismiss the case, and proceed in their dire corrupt practices on others. And there’s plenty of them.

Damon pleads his own cause excellently, and can be seen doing so on ch. 13 KCOP Fox News, here in L.A. in a continuing series. (Is it worth being a Whistleblower? Read this!)

Here are links to what’s going on:

Plea from Damon and confession of a Family Court judge

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