This will have new meaning after the NTSB examination of the tragic sinking of the Ethan Allen in a calm lake on a late summer’s Sunday outing.
Seniors, just like me except many were infirm, were presumably happily sitting in their chairs on the deck yesterday, enjoying the country air and observing the scenery over the pure waters of Lake George, in upstate New York.
The small tour-boat turned, not for an iceberg, but probably to avoid traffic. Another boat’s wake was sufficient to threaten a roll-over, exacerbated by the fact that the chairs WERE NOT BOLTED TO THE DECK! Causing these 49 trusting folk to slip and slide to the same side, which changed its metacentric height, and reversed the center of flotation (yes, I learned seamanship in the British merchant navy).
The NTSB will find that this is what caused the loss of 20 souls in fresh water. No mystery, except who is liable, and do they have money? Personal injury lawyers are even now flocking to the area to find out.
And Mother Nature did it again, this time just a skirmish. If she is found to be a person, she (or he) had better have deep pockets!