So Stan Katz, Ph.D, Family Court child evaluator for the Los Angeles Superior Court, is giving evidence today for the prosecution.
Well, I have personal experience of Dr. Katz in my case, Nicolette Hannah vs. John Clark, and also my friend Idelle Clarke has personal experience of him in her case Idelle Clarke vs. Ovando Cowles.
By court order, Dr. Katz evaluated me, Nicolette, and Zachary.
It is due to his report on me that I don’t see Zachary any more, and more important for his life, he doesn’t see me – he’s been hidden away on the advice of her attorney, which is illegal. In his report, Katz said I was eccentric. I took baths with the little boy (yeah, he was 3, and we played boats in my Savoy Hotel size tub). I also took him and all my family to Elysium, the family oriented nudist retreat in Topanga where I was a member. We all loved the place. He said I needed many hours of psychotherapy. I’m English. We call it normal. Americans call it sick and in need of expensive psychotherapy from people like himself.
Now, let’s talk about the rules of his engagement, as set by the California legislature and the Courts themselves, and ignored by him.
According to the rules, when making his report, Katz should have given me a copy of what Nicolette was saying about me for my comments, just as I gave Nicolette a copy of what I said about her for her comments. But he failed to do this, even on my demand. And he filed his report with the court. Nicolette, by now involved with her plumber friend who has now taken over my fatherly duties to Zachary, obviously loaded her report against me. And Katz incorporated her remarks in his report to the court, which I believe was hugely biased.
So I subpoenaed him to show up in court as a percipient witness, to verify to the court quite simply that he had not given me a copy of what Nicolette was saying about me, and that the court should disregard the report. Katz called and said he would only appear as an “expert witness”, and would need to be paid, I think it was $2,500, by me. I said I needed him for one question to be answered, he said didn’t matter, I said I would have him arrested if he didn’t come to court. Well, he didn’t show up, and Family Court Judge Arnold Gold could care less.
Before this, when I had sat in Katz’s Beverly Hills office with young Zachary, his mother outside the door, Zachary cried and trembled, and reached out to me. I tried to hug him. Katz said “Get away from the child, you may not touch him.”
In Idelle Clarke’s case, the court ruled that her going public with the story that her husband had sexually molested their daughter was more of a negative influence on the welfare of their daughter, than the possibility (twice verified by Children’s Services) that he had in fact done so.
She had gone public when the court wouldn’t do the right thing, in an attempt to harness public opinion.
The result was that Idelle has been kept from her daughter for the last ten years, on pain of arrest if she comes within 100 yards. Networking with others receiving similar treatment at the court’s hands, she researched Katz’s bottom line profit driven business setup, and has much to say about this in her opinion of him, as do I.
Dr. Stan J. Katz has a history of his ties to showbusiness dating back to 1984, when he was technical advisor to the TV show “Something About Amelia” and now appears on the highly successful “Starting Over” TV series, where he acts as himself. Here is part of what NBC’s bio says about him:
“Bringing more than 25 years of clinical expertise to STARTING OVER, Dr. Stan J. Katz is also the only man on a show created for and populated by women. He brings a healthy, male emotional perspective to the house. With his extensive clinical background, Dr. Katz is ideally suited to speak to the women of STARTING OVER on a level that illuminates the causes of their past behavior, even as the life coaches encourage them to make changes to their present. – – – – – – Over the years, Dr. Katz has been called on by a number of national television and radio programs to serve as an advisor on various psychological issues and topics. He was the Technical Advisor for, among others, the Emmy� Award-winning ABC Theater presentation, “Something About Amelia” which started Ted Danson and Glenn Close, and was [involved with] the network television’s first dramatic film on the subject of incest. He also served as Advisor on the film ‘Skeezer,’ NBC’s Peabody Award-winning film on emotionally disturbed children, “Don’t Hit Me Mom” an ABC After School Special, and HBO’s Emmy-winning “The Indictment: The McMartin Case.” “
In my opinion, Dr. Katz is in this Michael Jackson case purely for personal gain, and to benefit his business and his show-business career. His obvious clinical agenda and findings reveals his bias towards what Michael Jackson stands for. In my opinion, Katz created and promoted the Jackson case from the beginning for his own ends.
I believe that the publicity surrounding the media circus of this trial is profoundly damaging to the future welfare and mental health of all of the children Jackson has helped and, yes, has simply been with. But Katz speaks out of both sides of his mouth, and in my opinion, his analysis of Jackson should be disregarded.
Ph.D, indeed. Piled high and Deep