From Larry Williams in Stone Mountain, Georgia:
As London is hit by the second wave of bombings in two
weeks, the Government has raised the terror warning
level from ‘miffed’ to ‘peeved’.
Whilst many people commented with respect at the
stoical attitude of Londoners to the first wave of
attacks, Londoners are losing their traditional reserve
and may soon require the terror level warning to be
raised to ‘irritated’ or even ‘a bit cross’.
A government spokesman commented upon the
seriousness of the situation. “London has not been a
bit cross since the height of the Blitz in 1940 when
supplies of tea ran out for almost three weeks”.
And a representative of British Security Services said “It is
as a mark of the seriousness with which Londoners
are taking the situation that we have recently been
forced to recategorise suicide bombers from
‘tiresome’ to ‘a bloody nuisance’. The last time we
had a ‘bloody nuisance’ warning level was during
the great fire of 1666.”
On the streets, Londoners reacted with uncharacteristic
anger to news of the latest attacks, with some members
of the public delivering harsh language to the news
that they might be delayed on their homeward trips by
up to twenty minutes.
“It really is the absolute limit,” said Reginald Boggis, 42,
of East Ham. “These terrorists. Not content with blowing
things up, they then have to spoil the day for everyone.
That’s very upsetting, that is. If they wanted to get things
changed, they should write an angry letter to Points of
View. That’s what my wife and I always do.”
Tony Blair is expected to make political capital out of the
situation as soon as his focus groups report on the mood
of the nation.