Nudge nudge.
At least we all can see that we have something in common right now, even if it’s only hurricanes.
Publicly and genuinely offer humanitarian aid to the United States in its Katrina tragedy currently being acted out in the New Orleans area, with no strings attached.
And make sure it is in an amount of value (not just money) generously exceeding that offered to you by the United States when you had your own Dennis catastrophe a few weeks ago (I believe we offered $50,000!). I know you pridefully said you didn’t need our help.
Embarrass the hell out of us, please! Opportunities to save face and heal wounds come but rarely.
It could work wonders, it would be welcomed, it would bring our two countries closer together, and it could be the start of something worthwhile.
And mother nature has been speaking to the entire planet very loudly this past year.
Katrina. The Great Leveler.


I see that President Fidel Castro has offered 1,100 doctors and 26 tons of medical supplies to help in the New Orleans debacle. He was among the countries that helped in the Tsunami tragedy. Bravo!
And is it being accepted? Or turned down because they may all be spies? We want to know. This will demonstrate that elusive quality in humans known as character, which we can equally apply to countries, their governments and leaders.
I was wrong.
Castro says his offer is 1586 physicians and 27lbs of medicine to go with each doctor. He has waited 48 hours. Silence.