July 22, 2006
The LA Times, praise G*d, has become quite funny and readable lately.
An editorial today approvingly reports that an open microphone at the dinner table at last Monday’s Group of 8 summit in St. Petersburg was responsible for revealing the REAL George Bush,
He was heard to say that politicians “talk too damn long”, that China and Russia are both “really big countries”, and was heard to thank Blair for his nice birthday sweater, (wonder if it was from Marks and Sparks).
But the biggie was when he used the word “shit” to describe Hezbollah’s recent adventures in the Middle East.
This was not, of course, as shockworthy as V/P Dick Cheney, a few months ago, overheard telling Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat, to go f*ck himself, sorry, I got caught up in the game, I mean fuck himself.
Maybe these open mikes are deliberate governmental plants to get the news out that our executives are startlingly human, just like the rest of us, which is comforting to know. At least we are discovering what’s really going on in their minds.