Some people, aka celebrities, are simple, brilliant, unsullied, and innocent souls.  They deserve to be left alone by the masses (aka us.)  Usually women, and who are we talking about?

Sandra Bullock comes to mind.  As does Barbara Walters, Betty White, Princess Di, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Helen Mirren, Angela Lansbury CBE, and Lynn Redgrave OBE. (the Brits with their intimidating honorifics know how to do this.)

Who, then, are these countless commenters who bestow their deathless pronouncements to protect their heroes at the end of any newsworthy story?  I believe they are fans, yes, but they think they are today’s Greek Chorus, who were a body of people invented by the ancient Greeks to add their voices and give meaning to the onstage events of life’s dramas. Note that the performers wore masks.

But THEIR voices are false. On the report of my attempted attendance at Lynn’s funeral, a fusillade of comments appeared after the Daily Mail’s report.  I repudiate their verdicts.

looks like john clark was jealous of Lynn and even tried to hijack the limelight at her funeral – RIP Lynn, seems everyone thought you were a lovely woman
– liz, dumbarton, 24/5/2010 13:46
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‘Loyal’ husband for 32 years? Ah yes, and the Oscar goes to…..
– marisol246, Wilts, 24/5/2010 13:12
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Janny, South Midlands, 24/5/2010 12:15
Why should Lyn Redgraves ex husband expect to be taken back into the fold? He treated Lyn very badly over the years and sounds a right big headed pig.
Some people are able to forgive and move on. Her ex-husband is the one who has to deal with past mistakes.
– Kazelle, London, 24/5/2010 13:10
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sounds a bit dramatic really on his part! after all those years of making poor Lynne miserable its a bit late now but he will have to live with that of course
– anon, Sussex, England, 24/5/2010 12:23
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"Lynn Redgrave’s ex husband said ‘I insisted I had every right to attend, having been a loyal husband for 32 years, and I wished to pay my final respects.’ "
What a load of emotional blackmail. He managed to make the day all about him didn’t he? When those children were trying to bury their mother who he had hurt so much they had to contend with him creating a drama. As for them visiting him afterwards well he bounced them into that by his emotional blackmail didn’t he?
– Bridget Price, London, 24/5/2010 12:22
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